Theodor von Dufving
Krebs' delegation enters Chuikov's room
From left to right: Theodor von Dufving, Hans Krebs and their interpreter, Neilandis.


Theodor von Dufving





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Being in Krebs's delegation

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Vasily Reutov

Theodor von Dufving (1907–2001) was a German colonel and General Helmuth Weidling's chief of staff during the Battle of Berlin.

Dufving was born in 1907. He completed Senior Staff Officers' training at the War Academy in 1944, and was assigned to the 76th Panzer Artillery Regiment's chief of staff.

On the early hours 1 May 1945, after Adolf Hitler's suicide, he accompanied General Hans Krebs to a meeting with General Vasily Chuikov, in which a ceasefire was proposed by the Germans. Krebs, Dufving and their interpreter, Obersturmführer Neilandis (although Krebs speaks fluent Russian in Downfall, he brought him along) were let into the 8th Guards Army's headquarters.

The letter Goebbels gave Krebs to deliver to Chuikov contained surrender terms acceptable to Goebbels. The Soviets however, were unwilling to accept anything other than unconditional surrender. Krebs was not authorized by Goebbels to agree to an unconditional surrender. The meeting ended with no agreement. Early the following day, Von Dufving was sent to arrange for General Weidling to meet with General Chuikov. Weidling left for his meeting with Chuikov about one hour before von Dufving and his party followed him. On 2 May, Dufving and others tried to break out of the bunker but were captured by the Red Army.

In February 1949, as a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union, von Dufving provided evidentiary statements concerning Swedish humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg. He later returned to Germany.

In Downfall Parodies

Dufving has a minor role in which he accompanies Hans Krebs in the negotiation scene. It is on the way to the Russian's headquarters that he has his one line: "Hoffentlich haben die Russen unseren Funkspruch bekommen." ("I hope the Russians got our radio message.")

He sometimes is seen dancing, like in this parody.

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