Theodor Busse


Ernst Hermann August Theodor Busse


15 December 1897


21 October 1986 (aged 88)

Known for

His name being replaced in parodies



Mentioned by

Adolf Hitler

“Sagen Sie Busse, er soll kämpfen, wo er steht!”
―Tell Busse to fight where he stands
Ernst Hermann August Theodor Busse (15 December 1897 – 21 October 1986) was a German general who commanded the 9th Army during the Battle of Berlin.

Busse, was born in Frankfurt (Oder), joined the Imperial German Army as an officer cadet in 1915, and was commissioned in February 1917. He also won the Knights Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern Order. After the armistice he was accepted as one of 2000 officers into the new Reichswehr where he steadily rose in rank.

Busse was a General Staff officer in April 1939, and prepared a training program which was approved by the Chief of the General Staff in August. The program covered a period from 1 October 1939 to 30 September 1940.

During the last five months of the war, Busse commanded the 9th Army which was by then part of Army Group Vistula. As the Soviets continued to advance into Germany, he fought to protect the German capital city in the Battle of Berlin. Specifically, Busse commanded the 9th Army during the Battle of Seelow Heights and the Battle of the Oder-Neisse. While Busse took command of the 9th Army on 21 January 1945, his appointment was never confirmed. It would appear that it was customary for commanders of formations of the status of an Army and higher to be on six months probation before their final appointments as Commanders-in-Chief. Germany surrendered unconditionally before Busse's probationary period expired.

Busse was supposed to link with Walther Wenck's 12th Army and strike the Soviet forces from the south east. The plan failed, and Adolf Hitler was appropriately enraged.

Between 1945 and 1946, Busse was a prisoner of war. After he was released, Busse was West Germany's director of civil defense, and wrote and edited a number of works on the military history of World War II. He died in 1986.

In Downfall Parodies

Since he doesn't appear physically in Downfall, Busse has only been mentioned in a handful of parodies. As with fellow non-featured general Walther Wenck, his name sometimes fell victim to mondegreens in the likes of "pussy", "busy" etc.

He once asked Hitler for a vacation.

Busse was Burgdorf's brother-in-law in real life, and in one parody, Burgdorf admits he is very cool.

In War of The Hitlers, Busse is an officer in The Bunker Hitler’s army. He is mentioned by both him and Heinz Guderian (also a subordinate of The Bunker Hitler) in episode 6; both of them talk about a failed attack led by Busse, with the former blaming him for the failure.[1]


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