thelobsterperson is a British Unterganger. Prior to his retirement, he had around 590 subscribers and 74 videos.

He has experimented with other styles of video, such as Youtube Poop and concert clips. He has also used other types of media other than Downfall and explored a wide variety of Downfall parodies in his work.

Due to problems with editing software, thelobsterperson is only able to use Windows Movie Maker. thelobsterperson does not incorporate FX into his videos.


During the time he was active, he would usually only upload a few times per month.

In his last video, uploaded in July, he claimed to have Unterganger's Block but he'd eventually return. In mid-November 2012, he deleted all his Downfall parodies, because he claimed his channel got two strikes. His channel now has only two videos, an animated video about Michael Rosen and a short project video.

He confirmed that he is retired in January 2014, when he told another Unterganger that "Parodies a thing of the past now though unfortunately". As of 2016, he has deleted all of his Downfall parodies.

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