The doctors and the drunken people is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in the parodies. The whole scene is rarely used in parodies, but an edited segment called Bunker Jokes is quite common.

In Downfall

Continuing from the previous scene, where Ernst-Günther Schenck and Otto Günsche help escort a saddened Erna Flegel to the lounge room. A drunk Fritz Tornow asks them to join them. As she sits down, he pours her a drink. Erna drinks it all. Walther Hewel offers Schenck to sit which he does reluctantly.

Tornow then says that the situation is pretty shitty and everybody starts laughing. Suddenly, Eva Braun and Traudl Junge enter, and everybody gets up. Hans Krebs almost addresses Eva as Fraulein Braun to which he stops and she says it's okay and that he can call her Frau Hitler. Günsche whispers to Schenck informing of Eva and Hitler's marriage. As they sit, Eva is being ironic, saying that's a pity they can't go outside. Tornow responds with a bad joke saying unless she wants a heroic death. This angers Krebs, who tells him to control himself, to which Fritz ironically agrees to.

In the Parodies

The scene is not used much because of its dark theme.

The scene is best known for the parody series that it gave birth to, the Bunker Jokes. Usually, the segments that are used are the following: Hewel asking a question, Tornow making a bad joke and everybody laughing. Sometimes the other scene with Hewel is used and the segment with everybody laughing is extended.

Smell of the Ice created the opposite of Bunker jokes, Anti-joke Wilhelm Keitel, in which Schenck asks a question and Keitel answers it correctly, causing the doctor to leave the room, and Tornow doesn't laugh.

The portion with Eva and Traudl's arrival has also been used in many parodies.


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