The Twelve Days of Christmas with Hitler and Friends is a collaboration parody series developed by parody makers Benad361 and HitchcockJohn. It features the Downfall parodies crew, as well as characters from Benad361's Stalin Parodies, Gaddafi Parodies and Ceausescu Parodies as well as HitchcockJohn's U-Boat Parodies and Revolution Parodies.

As a result of a channel restructuring, the series is no longer available.


The series depicts a series of interconnected and random events including holiday celebrations, an antic contest, conspiracies against HItler, and mass plotting on the part of various characters, all taking place over the course of last twelve days of December, with each parody representing the events of one day.

Episode Plot
Day One Himmler tells Fegelein about a new contest by the Antic Order, in which participants must compete to perform "The Ultimate Antic". Hitler plans his Christmas shopping and decides to buy his wife perfume. Meanwhile, Mallory decides to take advantage of the excitement with a new scheme to blow up Hitler, much to Juan's frustration.
Day Two

After an incident in which one of his crewmen plays Justin Bieber (quickly correcting the soundtrack to "Christmas Waits" by Heart), Willenbrock finds out about the Antic Contest and learns that it requires contestants to perform "The Ultimate Antic on a Ranting Dictator of their choice". Stalin finds out and tells Yezhov to warn Tukhachevksy not to attempt antics on him or face unusually severe consequences. Gaddafi hears about the contest and announces his intentions to perform them against HItler in a speech to an imaginary crowd, revealing that he plans to team up with Mallory and Ceausescu.

Day Three Hitler and Ceausescu write their Chrismas wishlists. Willenbrock and Werner go shopping for Antic equipment, while Hitler tries to buy perfume from Speer, but ends up settling on a small painted wooden ring.
Day Four Gunsche tries his hand at Christmas shopping, and decides to by HItler an "elephant shaving kit". Later Hitler decides to relax and enjoy a Christmas party. It starts off fine, until Mallory arrives at Midnight and plants charges. However, Juan accidentally sets off the charges too early, setting in motion a series of bizarre occurences the next day.
Day five Hitler repairs the bunker only for Berlin to be attacked by an army of cybermen, daleks, and dragons (presumably due to the actions of the rival dictators).
Day six Hitler wakes up to find the entire bunker (except Fegelein) has inexplicably converted to Judaism (apparently due to the actions of Tukhachevksy), and he has been made their Rabbi.
Day Seven Things apparently quiet down in the bunker. Hitler takes the time to relax with some comfort from Eva helping him overcome the shock of the previous day. Hitler then plans to have the Christmas turkey.
Day Eight Christmas Day and Hitler tries to enjoy his Christmas turkey, only to find out Werner stole it and replaced it with a boiled boot (which Hitler quickly spots as a reference to Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush)- and it is being eaten by the crew of U-96. The results of the antic contest are announced by Captain Thomsen, but Fegelein cuts the power on the television before he can reveal the winner.
Day Nine Hitler rants about his terrible Christmas and the bad presents he got (including a poor quality map from Krebs covered in curry and vodka stains). He decides to go for a walk, only to get hit by Fegelein. To make matters worse, Justin Bieber shows up to sing carols at the bunker, resulting in further rants. Later, Eva tries to cheer him up by making a cake, only for it to be sabotaged by Himmler.
Day ten Hitler's rivals all gather together the basement of a tavern in a conference chaired by Ceausescu.
Day eleven Hitler attempts to catch Fegelein in his house, only to find out that Fegelein has prepared for everything, resulting in humorous slapstick antics on Hitler and his staff.
Day Twelve Kate Bush performs at the Kremlin to Stalin's delight and Hitler's fury (she was going to go to the bunker but the address in the address book was changed- presumably by an antic master). Hitler goes on to rant about how terrible a year he has had. Hoping to reconcile with his enemies, Hitler agrees to go to a party being attended by all the parody crews only for it to be crashed by Mallory. The next morning he learns that Stalin recorded an embarassing dance on his iPhone.


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  • Following the release of Day Two, an accident occured in which apple juice was spilled onto Benad361's laptop. As a result, some modifications had to be made to the plans and many of the later videos were thrown together in Windows Movie Maker, or put together by HitchcockJohn and then re-uploaded by Benad361, resulting in them being in a slightly lower quality. However, his laptop is now restored and the parodies are now uploaded with all FX and in good quality.
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