Sinking of the Laconia

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The Sinking of the Laconia is a two-part TV film, first aired on 6 and 7 January 2011 on BBC Two, about the Laconia incident; the sinking of the British ocean liner RMS Laconia during World War II by a German U-boat, which then, together with three other U-boats and an Italian submarine, rescued the passengers but was in turn attacked by an American bomber.

The film is notable for featuring Thomas Kretschmann (with him Fegelein is mostly associated in the Parody Universe) as Karl Dönitz, as well as being the base film from which Werner Hartenstein's character originate.


Owing to Kretschmann's appearance in the film as Karl Dönitz, the film has since become the basis for numerous parodies using Dönitz as a stand-in for Fegelein, such as in The Antic Menace by DictatorAntics, which marked Werner Hartenstein's debut in the Parody Universe.

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