The Rise of Evil Hitler is the version of Hitler seen in the 2003 miniseries Hitler: The Rise of Evil, which tells the story of Hitler’s rise to power.

In the Parodies

As of yet, this Hitler is only featured in Hitler Rants Parodies' War of The Hitlers, where he is one of the Hitlers warring in aforementioned war. In this series, he is the one officially announcing the declaration of war in the first episode. His forces do fight valiantly against the armies of the Inglourious Basterds Hitler, but are destroyed, along with him, in the middle of the series.

This Hitler is notable for being from an English spoken source material, but capable of speaking German during his onscreen time in War of The Hitlers. This probably makes him the only bilingual Hitler in the parody universe. And along with Hans Krebs, one of the few characters to speak more than one language. He is also one of the younger incarnations of Hitler, as he comes from a time where he is still rising to power, instead of falling from it, like many of the other Hitlers. The other notable thing about this Hitler, is his love of holding grandiose speeches before crowds of people. He shares this trait with his real life counterpart, but not as extreme as the real Hitler does it.

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