The Panzerkrieg Parody Contest is a contest set up by F-A Alexander. The announcement video was uploaded on May 4th, 2020.


  • Make a parody involving tank battles. Minimum runtime: 3 minutes. Maximum runtime: 12 minutes.
  • Any media maybe used to depict the battle. (eg. other films/TV series/anime, video games, MMD, GMOD, SFM, After Effects, Blender, DAZ 3D, etc...)
  • To participate, comment on the announcement video. To submit your entry, post another comment with the video's link. Don’t forget to add “Entry for the Panzerkrieg Parody Contest” in the title.
  • You may upload your entry at any website. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Google Drive, and PeerTube are all welcome.
  • You’ll be awarded with bonus points if you make good use of special effects and/or original 3D renders, and/or if you use a WWII setting. (or something similar, eg. Girls und Panzer, Valkyria Chronicles)
  • Upload and submit your entries before July 5th, 2020.


  • Offensive content (eg. Holocaust, racist, and anti-religious references/jokes) is STRICTLY prohibited.
  • At least one character from Downfall MUST be featured. This is a Downfall parody contest, after all.
  • The battle MUST be shown on screen and not just mentioned.
  • You’re supposed to make a story-based parody, so ”Hitler/Fegelein/whoever plays” parodies are NOT allowed.
  • You may NOT submit parodies that are made before this contest’s announcement (May 4th, 2020).
  • Unrepentant troublemakers, past and present, will be instantly disqualified permanently. This includes the following people:


The entries will be judged by Alexander himself.


Ranking place Title Author Link
1st (Antic Cross of the Iron Cross) Hitler and his army vs the Moe Girl Army VileHQ Link
2nd (Hero of the Antic Order) Hitler leads a raid on Fegelein's village Supersonic Crafter911 Link
3rd (Distinguished Antic Cross) Hitler escape Berlin DarkLordKiller Link
4th (Antic Merit Medal) Revenge Bound in Steel Gachaganger Link
5th (Wound Badge) Dolfy vs Americans Hitler Studios Danmark Link
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