“An order of mine has not been executed! You lied to me! I've been betrayed!”
The Last Ten Days Hitler beginning his own version of the Original Bunker scene rant
“But you understand nothing! NOTHING!!!”
The Last Ten Days Hitler hitting his own table in the same scene

The Last Ten Days Hitler is the version of Adolf Hitler depicted in the 1973 film Hitler: The Last Ten Days, which served as one of the inspirations for Downfall.

In the Parodies

This Hitler makes some appearances in the parody universe, but not as frequently as the Inglourious Basterds Hitler or The Bunker Hitler.

Downfall Hitler once phoned him, and was told that everyone betrayed him, even his own SS, that the Downfall Hitler doesn't understand him, and even gave him a death threat. When the Downfall Hitler started a Hitler Support, which The Last Ten Days Hitler called, he does pretty much the same thing, minus the death threats.

He is also notable for having his own Fegelein (just like The Bunker and Dear Friend Hitler Hitlers). Upon being captured by mistake by the Downfall Hitler, he comes across as a cowardly sycophant, attempting to feebly defend himself. When the Downfall Fegelein showed up at The Last Ten Days Hitler's own Bunker, he asked him about Steiner's attack. Instead, he was given a bomb as a gift, which predictably explodes. This causes the latter to imitate the Downfall Hitler by shouting Fegelein's name and hitting his table exactly three times.

In The War of The Hitlers, this Hitler is one of the major players in aforementioned war. A young officer is often seen giving him situation reports regarding the war. As his forces are beaten by the real Hitler's forces, he accuses everyone in his own Reich of betraying him, even his own Eva (calling her a "silly, presumptuous, insolent bitch") before shooting himself. His own soldiers defected to Downfall Hitler at the end of the series.

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