The GoebbelMan is a parody by FegeleintheLostTapes, uploaded on 27 June 2011. It is a horror and comedy parody based on the legend of the Bloody Mary. As of February 2015 it has over 70,800 views.




The GoebbelMan
A ghost that supposedly haunts people in their sleep when he is summoned (by calling its name three times in front of a mirror). Expecting that it would be summoned, he calls his victims to mark them. Has the ability to possess his victims and kill people while in possession of a human. Later turned out to only exist in Hitler's dream/nightmare.
Hermann Fegelein
Introduces to the viewers the rumour of the GoebbelMan. Later, when the GoebbelMan is revealed to be Hitler's nightmare, decides to scare him off by having Günsche wear a Goebbbels mask and wake him up.
Heinrich Himmler
Doesn't believe in ghosts. Later, after the dream, was asked by Hitler to destroy all Goebbels mask.
Adolf Hitler
Buys caffeine pills when he hears the rumours. He reveals the cases of carrots being shoved up the GoebbelMan's victims' asses. After the GoebbelMan is summoned, he gets taunted by it through Koller's call and the possessed Magda.
All the events turned out to be in his dream/nightmare. Fegelein scared him off by having Günsche wear a Goebbbels mask and wake him up. The next morning, he ordered Himmler to burn all Goebbels mask. He is shown to have a carrot somehow shoved up his arse at the end.
Eva Braun
Reveals the caffeine pills.
Ernst-Günther Schenck
The first to be contacted by the GoebbelMan. Shortly after, he gets a warning from Mohnke not to take that call, and later to take the caffeine pill.
Wilhelm Mohnke
Warns Schenck not to answer any call from the GoebbelMan, and later advises him to take the caffeine pills that night.
Traudl Junge
Accidentally summons the GoebbelMan while trying to disprove its existence to Gerda. However, no one else appears to have found this out.
Gerda Christian
Is freaking out like the rest. Traudl tries to prove to her that the GoebbelMan isn't real, accidentally summoning him.
Helmuth Weidling
Another person to have been contacted by the GoebbelMan. Later saves Fritzsche from being shot by Burgdorf.
Karl Koller
Gets telegraphed by the GoebbelMan. Through the telegram, he got possessed by the GoebbelMan who through the phone marks Hitler as his first victim.
Hans Fritzsche
Tries to take the night off to avoid the GoebbelMan. This make Burgdorf suspect that he summoned the thing.
Wilhelm Burgdorf
Suspected Fritzsche of summoning the GoebbelMan and tries to shoot him, but failed by Weidling.
Magda Goebbels
Found sleeping by the GoebbelMan and was possessed. The possessed Magda kills Speer and pleas Hitler to go to sleep.
Albert Speer
Killed by the possessed Magda.


  • Himmler is referencing Mario. As he is shown to be capable of throwing fireballs like Mario, could it be...?
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