The GoebbelGhost
The GoebbelGhost in Hitler's office.


  • Red, glowing
  • Booming, echoing voice
  • Assumes form of either Goebbels' head or full body


Pass judgment on people and beings throughout the universe


  • Teleportation
  • Possession of bodies
  • Condemning souls to the spirit world


  • The GoebbelGhost
  • The GoebbelGhost 2: Escape from the Spirit World
“Your Führer has been banished to the etherworld!”
The GoebbelGhost

The Goebbelghost, like its name suggests is a spirit looking like Joseph Goebbels that haunts the universe, with the single goal of judging the powerful and, if necessary, banishing their souls to the underworld.

In the Parodies

The GoebbelGhost made his first appearance in Soalric's aptly named "The GoebbelGhost". In it, the ghost appears before Hitler and announces its intention to banish him. It then proceeds to do so, as well as possess Hitler's body. In the sequel , Hitler attempts to escape the spirit world, being confronted by several spirits in his attempt. The GoebbelGhost then appears, and expresses its desire to switch back lives, as he described Hitler's existence as "an absolute living hell". Hitler agrees, and the GoebbelGhost unbanishes him.

A similar spirit also appeared in Hitler's dreams, who showed him his future where everything goes up in flames.[1]


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