“My fellow Gaians...This has got to be the most honest and straightforward representation of our beloved site right now...Whoever made these videos I applaud you.”
“I thought it was funny... Then I realized it was too true to be funny.”
“Our struggles will be preserved by Hitler after the site is gone.”

The Downfall of Gaia Online is a seven-part parody video made by NeutralityChecker and uploaded between April 27 and May 15, 2014, which focuses on the gradual decline of Gaia Online, a once-popular virtual world.


Much of the story takes place in the Führerbunker, which served as the headquarters of the Nazi guild. Some parts, however, feature scenes outside the bunker:

  1. An unidentified building, which stood for one of the forums
  2. The flak nest, used as one of the stores in the user-run marketplace
  3. Chuikov's headquarters, which served as the office of Gaia Interactive
  4. The ruins of Berlin, which stood for what is left of Gaia Online after the mass departures.




Adolf Hitler

Appears in every episode, he is the Führer of the Nazi guild and the focal character of the series.

He is portrayed as a user who cannot afford an item called "Nation of the Rebellion", which contains an Iron Cross as one of its poses. He then resorts to buying a gold generator, expecting that it would help him on completing his quest. He wrongfully blamed Fegelein when the gold generator didn't give him the amount of gold he wanted and demanded that the rest of the guild fund replacement items. However, when he is informed about the launch of Gaia's 18+ forum, Tentacl, he almost immediately regrets buying gold generators and promised not to buy Gaia Cash until Tentacl shuts down. He visits Schofield's office to tell him about his experience with gold generators, only to be ignored. He also receives more spam from Gaia (in the form of announcements) as a result of his visit. When Gaia Online announces its closure on the last episode, he requests the rest of the guild to prepare to move out of Gaia.

Wilhelm Burgdorf

Appears in Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 as a member of the Nazi guild. It was he who first informed Hitler of the hyperinflated marketplace prices. However, he didn't object to the purchase of gold generators until the launch of Tentacl. Thereafter, he joined the ranks of regular posters in Gaia's forums who call for the discontinuation of the sale of gold generators, going as far as to attempt shooting someone who is about to buy one.

Traudl Junge

Appears in Episodes 2, 3, 6 and 7. She walks into Hitler's room where she sees him staring at a graph showing the constantly-increasing price of his wishlisted item. She is also present when he learns of the launch of Tentacl and she delivers copies of announcements from Gaia from Misch to Bormann, who in turn reads them to Hitler. She believes that misunderstandings between the staff and the userbase could be resolved peacefully.

Hans Krebs

Appears in Episodes 1, 4, and 7 as a member of the Nazi guild who frequently plays Gaia Online's Fishing minigame.

Upon hearing Hitler's complaints over hyperinflation, he suggested the purchase of Flynn's Booty, a gold generator. He also requested Hitler on getting for him an Angelic Rod, the game's most powerful fishing rod, with the spare gold from the gold generator. However, by the fourth episode, he doesn't have it yet. He then requests other people to buy it for him while Goebbels tells everyone not to buy gold generators.

By the last episode, he informs Hitler of a revolt against Gaia's management breaking out.

Alfred Jodl

Appears in Episodes 1, 2 and 7 as a member of the Nazi guild.

He objected to Hitler's purchase of Flynn's Booty, fearing that it won't give them enough gold. On the succeeding episode, he insists that Hitler doesn't deserve to get the gold and asks Fegelein, who is suspected of stealing it, to redistribute it to everyone.

Later in the series, he informs Hitler that Gaia Online would shut down soon.

Otto Günsche

Appears in Episode 2, 4 and 7. He informs Hitler of the total gold output of Flynn's Booty back when Hitler is still buying Gaia Cash. Later, he is seen telling Magda that Hitler quit buying Gaia Cash after learning about Tentacl.

At Episode 7, Traudl and Gerda ask him about the guild's participation in an ongoing sitewide revolt, which he denied.

Heinz Linge

Appears in Episodes 3, 5, and 6, he is knowledgeable on changes in site policies and features. He also accompanies Hitler on his visit to Schofield's office.

Joseph Goebbels

Appears in Episodes 3, 4 and 6 as a member of the Nazi guild. At first, he offers to shoulder the cost of buying gold generators for Hitler. However, after learning of the launch of Tentacl, he immediately orders the rest of the guild not to buy them. By Episode 6, he also complains about the announcements Hitler just received.

Wilhelm Keitel

Appears in Episodes 1 and 2 as a member of the Nazi guild entrusted with the guild's finances.

His attempt to raise funds for Hitler's quest failed and he accused Fegelein of stealing from Hitler's gold generators.

Hermann Fegelein

Appears in Episodes 2 and 7. Günsche mentions that he was allowed to use Hitler's account to open the gold generators. However, due to his association with antics in the parody universe, Hitler initially blamed at Fegelein the lower-than-normal output of gold generators. He is later seen being interrogated by Keitel, where he denies the accusations.

By Episode 7, he tells Traudl and Gerda of Gaia's impending closure in advance.

Helmuth Weidling

Appears in Episodes 4 and 7. He constantly opposes attempts to reach out to Gaia's staff over the site's problems. In the ending, he appeals to the rest of Gaia to come together in a final attempt to save the site.

Rochus Misch

Appears in Episodes 4 and 6. He is in control of the communication lines between the guild and Gaia's virtual stores. He thus is responsible for giving newly-bought items to guild members and distributing announcements about sales.

Wilhelm Mohnke

Appears only in Episode 3, where he donated to Hitler all the gold he earned from selling trash items.

Gary Schofield

Portrayed by Vasily Chuikov, he appears only in Episode 5, although he is mentioned in Episodes 3 and 7. He is the CEO of Gaia Online.

He is shown to consistently insist on selling gold generators, going as far as silencing people who could potentially oppose him.

Jason Loia

Portrayed by Tellermann, he appears only in Episode 1. He is the COO of Gaia Online.

He is portrayed as apathetic towards the userbase. Despite seeing users of Gaia Online quit en masse, he ignored Schenck's pleas to fix the virtual economy of Gaia Online.

Derek Liu

Portrayed by Matvey Blanter, he appears only in Episode 5 and is called as 'lanzer', his Gaia username. He is one of the founders of Gaia Online. However, he has mostly lost influence over the day-to-day operation of the site. Schofield never let any visitor see Liu, and is always forced into hiding everytime a visitor comes.

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