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The Downfall Parody Movie (Der Untergang Parodie Film) was a total spoof of the entire Downfall film. The draft version, running 1 hour 44 minute long, was uploaded to YouTube on the 31 March 2011 by ASSHOLELA. A HD version of the movie was promised to be uploaded in parts from April to June 2011 but as of July 2020 no news has been heard of it. The draft version was also removed.

The immense duration scale of the parody directly inspired the Der Untergang: The Parody project.


The film depicts a time in alternate history where Germany had stayed out of World War II. The Germans in the film were portrayed as self-confessed sex addicts, buying up a flourishing sex trade which has been legalized by the Führer two decades ago. Everybody, from the civilians, the elderly, women, even soldiers and their generals have been addicted to sex. As a result, the capital Berlin is teeming with brothels, primarily run by resident sex chain Pussy And Dick's. The chairman of Pussy and Dick's is none other than Fegelein himself, known as the Antic Master in other Downfall parodies.




Adolf Hitler
The Führer of Germany. Set up a nationwide sex chain to prevent the Russians from taking over Germany. A rumoured drug addict.
  • Likes: being hailed at, his dog Blondi, his ego, his sexuality, his prostitutes, Eva Braun.
  • Hates: Gays, Fegelein, people who make excuses.
Hermann Fegelein
An expert at sex, the Casanova of Germany is Pussy and Dick's chairman. Ruthless, he will resort to anything to try and get his rival out of his sex industry. Prides himself over his safe sex reputation. Rumoured to be so fricking pro, he could turn straight men gay and vice versa.
  • Likes: Antics, Having Sex, Money, Taunting people, Condoms.
  • Hates: Hitler, people who like Hitler, being insulted.
Heinrich Himmler
Leader of the SS and Germany's sex minister. In charge of overseeing the sex industry so that everyone get the sex they want. In cahoots with Fegelein.
Joseph Goebbels
Hitler's right hand man. Often concurs with Hitler with common-sensical 'words of wisdom' such as 'the males can only successfully reproduce by fucking the females.'


ASSHOLELA removed the draft film from his channel. It is unknown if the film will be made.

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