The Dolf (What Does The Dolf Say?) is a song created by Vulpix95NL, based on the famous song The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) by Ylvis. Since the re-upload, the video has reached the 100'000 views, making it one of the most watched musical parodies in the community. The amount of views on it's original upload is unknown.


The origins of the this musical parody dates back in late 2013(?) when Mfaizsyahmi posted lyrics in the Untergangers World of Text. It went as far as the first chrous. Afterwards, Vulpix95NL said he will take the responsibility of making the video using the lyrics Mfaizsyahmi posted so far. He later uploaded it on YouTube, back when he was using his old channel, Das Phoenix, giving Mfaiz credits for making the lyrics.

For the making of the musical parody, the instrumental version of the song was used and the vocals were replaced by Hitler's voice (and other characters as well). The lyrics that were written were added as subtitles in the movie.


Sometime after the upload, Vulpix95NL added more lyrics, probably meaning he might be looking to make a full version of the song, since he has only used as far as the lyrics were written by the time the video was made. Later on, RandomDolfyParodies added more lyrics, which is now going as far as the second chorus. Ever since, there has not been a single lead for a full version of the song. NT95NL uploaded a fake one on April 1st which was a Rickroll right after the first chorus (video has been deleted) and as of right now, the possibility for a real one is unlikely.

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