The Console Wars: Battle of Black Friday is a feature-length parody by Joster285. Uploaded in nine parts from December 15 to December 23, 2013, this parody marks Joster's return to Downfall parodies ending his retirement. The parody is a satire on the next-gen console war, the fanbases lashing out at each other, Black Friday, and this generation's gaming community in general. Joster sees this as his most personal parody.



Extended Version

On January 18, 2014, Joster released The Console Wars on his Vimeo channel as one whole video .  The Vimeo upload features a prologue setting up the concept of the parody as well as over 8 minutes of additional footage featuring Schenck witnessing casual gamers getting executed by PC gamers, Fegelein informing Himmler about his task from Hitler, and Peter Kranz briefly reuniting with his parents.


In a month-time span from January to February 2015, Joster made a follow-up to Console Wars titled Resolution Revolution. Another follow-up is currently being planned[1].




  1. Hitler is informed that DiCaprio won an Oscar

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