The Commercial Contest (simply New VIDEO Contest as the announcement video title) was the third contest organized by JennieParker87. It was also her first contest with parody video submissions (the first two was for shops presented in a video).

The contest was announced on 25 Feb 2013 with the announcement video. The contest ended on 2 April 2014 and the first results were announced on 9 April 2014.


The contestant created a commercial (a minute long or less), and published it on his/her channel. The idea was to use as much Downfall footage as possible. Using FX was highly encouraged, as well as adding music. Holocaust references were forbidden, as well as using obscene and vulgar material. The contestant could advertise any product or service; either one that already exists, or one that was created by the contestant.

Winner selection

A number of judges watched the entries, and gave points between 1-20 (1 = awful, 20 = amazing). The judges were asked to be objective, and to consider efforts and creativity when they gave their points. JennieParker87 then put the points together, and created the list below, based on how many points each entry got in total. She then made 3 result videos, presenting the entries on 21st - 14th place (Bronze level) in the first video, 13th - 6th place (Silver level) in the second, then the top 5 entries (Gold level) in the final one.


Gold level

No. Name Entry
1 Ako675 Verraatt! Advanced cleaner and detergent! (JennieParker87 video contest entry)
2 FegelDolfParodies Fegel-Juice (JennieParker87 Contest Entry)
3 TheSilverUniverse Hitler joins the navy (JennieParker87 Contest Entry)
4 Hitler Rants Parodies Pencil of Doom Ad
5 DictatorAntics Führer-Spoon Commercial (Contest Entry)

Silver level

No. Name Entry
6 Jupiter9099 Dolfy's Fitness Bunker
7 TheLawlDawg Object-Away! (JennieParker87 Contest Entry)
8 ZoubkuvBobek KlugVHS (For JennieParker87's Video Contest)
9 MabusParodies REIKEA Furniture (JennieParker87 Contest Entry)
10 Soalric Hitler Puts on an Infomercial
11 Joster285 Slobstopper commercial spoof [For JennieParker87's Video Contest]
12 AlphaSkyRaider The Fegel-Egg Of Doom (JennieParker87 Contest Entry)
13 1979Onetime The Fuhrerbunker going out of business sale (JennieParker87 Contest Entry)
(Taken down from account closure)

Bronze level

No. Name Entry
14 Avidsonicfan1991 The SEGA Revolution (Pitched by Hitler)
15 Gokyr586 Krepsils Cough Syrup Commercial (short version)
16 DeutschlandAntics The Fegel-Toaster(For JennieParker87's Commercial Contest)
17 Eugen Filipescu Fuhrer Chips (JennieParker87 Contest entry)
18 Tylermymom101 Kreb's Maps ( Entry for JennieParker's Video Contest)
19 Mfaizsyahmi TornOw Commercial
20 Dolfy's Rage Fegels Energy Drink JennieParker87's contest entry
21 Paperpics The entry has been made private.

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