The Bunker Tests is a parody series by JennieParker87. The first episode was uploaded on the 8th of October, 2013. Only three episodes have been released, and the series is assumed to be dormant. JennieParker87 has plans on finishing the series properly during 2016.


Hitler is tired of his staff; they all have some strange weakness; either they are obsessed with maps, booze or grenades... So Hitler decides to put them through a couple of tests. The tests will reveal if the staff member will be able to resist his weakness. So the question is, can Burgdorf resist his Vodka? Can Krebs resist to point at maps? Can Göring resist his night snack? They, along with many others, will be tested in "The Bunker Tests".


List of episodes

Thumbnail Episode Title Length Release date
The Bunker Tests - Part 1 3:43 8 October 2013
The Bunker Tests - Part 2 3:49 9 October 2013
The Bunker Tests - Part 3 (Shorter episode) 3:01 1 February 2014
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