The Bunker Hitler is the version of Hitler seen in the 1981 film The Bunker, which, like Downfall, is about the last days of Hitler's life. This Hitler is notable for his almost crazed determination in continuing the war, loudly insisting it is not and will never be lost.

In the Parodies

This Hitler makes some appearances in the parody universe, but not as frequently as the Inglourious Basterds Hitler. Whenever this Hitler appears, he always makes his famous rant about how the war will never be lost. Merely suggesting that a war, even one in which he is not a player, is about to be lost causes him to rant.

Downfall Hitler once phoned him, to persuade him in accepting the loss of the war, which went as well as one would expect, as The Bunker Hitler ranted at his Downfall counterpart for even daring to make such a statement. The same thing happened when Downfall Hitler started a Hitler Support, which The Bunker Hitler called, telling Downfall Hitler he wanted to destroy all Jews. When Downfall Hitler tried to make clear Jews are no threat and should be left alone, this Hitler started violently ranting, causing Downfall Hitler to think he had already lost the war.

In Hitler's secret meeting the real Hitler suggested Downfall Hitler should just lose his war against Fegelein, causing The Bunker Hitler to snap, uttering his famous quote once again, despite not having anything to do with said war.

He also has his own Fegelein, though his name is Hermann Francis Fegelein rather than Hermann Otto Fegelein. The Downfall Hitler once captured him by mistake.

In The War of The Hitlers, this Hitler is one of the major players in aforementioned war. But he is defeated by the real Hitler's forces. Predictably, he did not accept the loss of the war. His own soldiers defected to Downfall Hitler at the end of the series. As for Francis, he got captured and executed by hanging.

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  • Anthony Hopkins, the actor playing this version of Hitler, shares the same initials with Adolf Hitler. Is this coincidence? Or is Hitler hiding from the authorities using the name Anthony Hopkins as an alias? No one will ever know....

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