The Bunker Games contest was JennieParker87's 6th contest. The announcement video was uploaded on 9 April 2015, and the results were uploaded on 31 May 2015.


The idea was to make a parody related to games. It could be anything on that theme; for example Hitler playing a game, or Jodl starting his own gaming club. The contestant was encouraged to be as creative as possible, to think outside the box and create something new. Maybe turn the whole bunker into a game, or to create an interactive parody where the viewer is involved.


  • No Holocaust references/highly offensive material.
  • Swearing was allowed; but the contestant had to refrain from vulgarity.
  • The video couldn't be longer than 10 minutes.
  • The entry had to be submitted before 25 May, 2015.
  • At least one Downfall character had to be used in the parody.

Winner selection

A group of judges judged the entries based on their creativity, quality and effort. The results were then uploaded to JennieParker87's channel on 31 May 2015.

Judges in this contest were:


Top 3

Place Name Entry
1 Joster285 Hitler goes to Paradise (Entry for Parker87's Bunker Games Contest)
2 Ako675 Hitler at the arcade - Bunker Games contest entry
3 UDeepEX (Bunker Games Entry) Fegelein's Revenge: Origins

Other entries (in no particular order)

Name Entry
DolfyFegel Antics Hitler Plays Kerbal Space Program (Episode 1) (Downfall parody) (no longer available)
TheFührerParodies Hitler Buys Black Ops III / The Bunker Games Entry
HighBunker HxH Parodies 1st Aniversary Parody Special: Hitler Plays Gran Turismo
Vulpix95NL Hitler plays Guitar Hero (Entry for Parker87's Bunker Games Contest)
Gb. Alexander Downfall parody: The Bunker's Gaming Montage Part 1 (Entry to Parker87's Bunker Games Contest)
TheFikri136 Hitler, Fegelein, Jodl, and Burgdorf play NFS Most Wanted 2005 (2) (for Parker87's game contest)
RandomDolfyParodies Hitler's Candy Crush Addiction (Entry For Parker87's Bunker Games Contest)
Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler plays random games
Tylermymom101 Five Nights at Fegelein's
Subtitlecomedy Hitler is informed he is in Grand Theft Auto V
Gokyr586 Hitler promotes the Reicga CD (Entry for Parker87's Bunker Games Contest)
Avidsonicfan1991 Hitler gets an unexpected surprise while playing Quake III Arena

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