The Blumbunker Productions Contest  was a contest set up by Beom Jun Koo. The aim was to make a scary parody.


It was launched on the 21st of November 2018 via a video announcing it on Beom's YouTube channel. This is the first contest hosted by Beom.

After some perturbations with the entries, the submission deadline was set on 14th of January 2019, ending up with 4 entries. Result video was published one day later, ending the contest.


(Subject to change)

  • Make your parody as scary as possible.
  • Comment on the announcement video if you wish to enter to contest and then post the link to your parody in the comments once it's uploaded.
  • Any parodies containing offensive content (example: Holocaust jokes) will be disqualified.
  • Anyone who causes trouble or drama over the contest will be disqualfied.
  • Submit your entry before Janurary 14th, 2019.



Ranking place Title Author Link
1st (Diamond Medal) These Are the Damned F-A Alexander Link
2nd (Gold Medal) The Shadows Within Dark Slash Parodies Link
3rd (Silver Medal) A Mysterious Deal ParrotAntics Link
4th (Bronze Medal) Fegelein's Screamer Prank on IB Hitler: Adolf listens to Rudolph Mein Unterkampf Link

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