The Blast from the Past Contest was a contest set up by VileHQ. The objective was for participants to make a new parody in the style of their earlier ones.


The idea was discussed by VileHQ on September 19th, 2019, in the Untergangers chat on the Unterganger Chat Central server. On the same day, he uploaded an announcement regarding the contest being open.

Due to a lack of entries, on December 2019 he extended to the deadline to February 1st 2020, resulting in a total of four entries made. More than a week after the deadline, VileHQ uploaded the results, thus ending the contest.


1. Create a new parody in the style of your old ones. This includes using any assets you had at the beginning of your Unterganging career. (If you no longer have access to those assets, feel free to make a mock up of what it looked like).

2. The video itself can be about anything as long as it still emulates the quality of the beginning of your Unterganging career.

3. You are free to use a maximum of two higher quality effects. Otherwise the fx you use have to be simple.

4. Upload the video to youtube and post a link in the comment section of the announcement video or ping VileHQ on Discord (Dark Slash X#8125). You can also find him on the Unterganger Chat Central discord server.


  • Holocaust references are forbidden.
  • The video can be a maximum of five minutes long.
  • Any footage used (whether from Downfall or gaming footage ect.) has to be in 480p or lower. There are file converters online to serve the purpose of lowering quality.


The entries were judged by VileHQ himself.


Ranking place

Title Author Link
1st (Diamond Medal) Hitler plays Death Crimson F-A Alexander Link
2nd (Gold Medal) Hitler rants about the TV Tropes page about Downfall Parodies WonkyTonkBotty Link
3rd (Silver Medal) Hitler Rants About the Bad Video Quality Mein Unterkampf Link
4th (Bronze Medal) Hitler reviews: Windows Movie Maker Raging Hitler Parodies Link

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