“It's official: The Assassination of Hitler is HRP's greatest success yet. With a great blend of hillarity [sic], drama, emotion, and more hillarity [sic], it is a complete Hitler Rant Parody experience. And strangely enough, it was Fegelein, he who fucks with the Fuhrer and his plans the most, who set everything right in the end. Maybe the chaotic Nazi isn't as antagonistic as we once believed him to be...
...And now, we shall wait for the Space Nazis to arrive, and The Final Conflict to begin.”
TheWallinator74 comments on the last episode of The Assassination of Hitler

The Assassination of Hitler is a parody series by Hitler Rants Parodies. It tells the tale of of a mysterious death of Hitler as Fuhrer and the ensuing power struggle which quickly turns bloody.

It serves as a prelude to the Finality trilogy.




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