The Antic Menace is a Downfall parody series by DictatorAntics. The plot is about a final war between the Masters of Antics and Hitler

On 30 November 2012, DictatorAntics uploaded a trailer for his series, and on 10 December episode 1 was released. The last episode was released on 5 April 2013. As of late July 2013 the series have gathered over 11,500 views.

This series is DictatorAntics' biggest project yet. He was inspired to make his own series by TheSilverUniverse's Llama Priest series. The series exploits scenes from The Sinking of Laconia which have never been used in parodies before (and thus made DictatorAntics the pioneer). DictatorAntics personally sees his series as very innovative because for the series he is using footage from 10 different movies.

A sequel, titled The Antics Strike Back, is officially launched on 5 August 2013 with the upload of its prologue. However, that series has been put on hold since October 2013.



List of episodes

Thumbnail Episode Title Length Release date
Thumbnail War
"The War" 8:52 10 December 2012
Thumbnail Ocean
"The Ocean" 11:58

3 January 2013

Thumbnail Mole
"The Mole" 12:48 20 January 2013
Thumbnail Spacebattle
"The Spacebattle" 15:58 4 March 2013
Thumbnail Final TAM
"The Final Showdown" 14:02 5 April 2013

Memorable quotes

“With Hitler dead, nothing can stop antics.”
“I will rip his cock off, and eat it.”
“End of the line. The Antic Masters will die.”
―Admiral Jodl
“I already told Hitler... I am a horrible admiral.”
―Admiral Jodl
“Let no joyful voice be heard, let no man look up at the sky with hope. Let this day be cursed by this what I am going to summon. Günsche... I summon the kraken.”
“Fegelein, is calling for his students. This device, will complete the biggest antic-machine of all times. The Günsche-Dämmerung must fly!”
“Nazism shall plunge Europe into the embodiment of darkness!”
“This is not the end of antics Fegelein. It is only the beginning...”


  • In the second episode both Werner and Hartenstein are seen boarding an U-Boat while later in the parody they are on a 400-year-old wooden vessel.
  • In the second episode, two inside jokes are hidden.
    • The monkey on Tukhachevsky's shoulder has the head of AntoniPieter.
    • The text "TSU" popping up when Hitler summons the Kraken, a reference to an inside joke in the chat.
  • The flagship Fegelburg, from episode 3 is a reference to the LZ-129 Hindenburg.
  • In the third episode, the original subtitles are used for the part where the two pilots are looking at the erotic magazine, because it fits the scene.
  • The fourth episode of The Antic Menace is blocked in the United States because of the used Iron Sky footage.
  • In the second United Nations scene from episode 4, a lot of random statements appear when the discussion starts. These statements include things like "Long live Assad" and "#YOLO".
  • The final episode was uploaded on Vimeo because of copyright claims by FOX.


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