The "Spooky Hitler" Halloween Contest was JennieParker87's 7th contest. The announcement video was uploaded on the 10th of September 2015. The contest closed on 28 October 2015. The results were uploaded on Halloween 2015.


The idea was to make a Downfall Parody with Halloween/scary theme. Bonus points were given to entries which included FX, fitting music and high quality material. For the first time in Unterganging history, a real prize was offered to the winner (a game on Steam, worth 8 euro). The winner could choose to pass the prize to second place (who in turn could pass it to third place, and so on).


  • No Holocaust references/highly offensive material.
  • The entry had to be submitted before 28 October, 2015.

Winner selection

A group of judges selected the winner. The judges were: JennieParker87, Charizard, Vulpix95NL, Ako675, TheSilverUniverse and TFPStudios.

The Top 10

Venkyra21 won the contest, but due to the fact that he did not have Steam, the prize was transferred to the second place winner, Hitler Rants Parodies.

Place Name Entry
1 Venkyra21 Jodllusion (Entry to Parker87's Spooky Hitler Contest)
2 Hitler Rants Parodies The Haunted Bunker (Entry for Parker87's Spooky Hitler Contest)
3 Joster285 (Entry for Parker87's Spooky Hitler Contest) Hell Bunker - PART 1
4 Avidsonicfan1991 Hitler's invitation to Ramsley's Haunted Mansion
5 Parodyhall Halloween Parody 2015 - Spooky Hitler Contest
6 CanaDolfy98 Hitler goes trick or treating (Entry to Parker87's "Spooky Hitler" Contest)
7 Jupiter9099 A Nightmare On Fuhrer Street (Entry for Parker87's "Spooky Hitler" contest)
8 CoLDe84 Hitler's Halloween date (Entry to Parker87's Spooky Hitler contest)
9 Dumb Fish Parodies Hitler goes camping (Entry to Parker87's "Spooky Hitler" contest)
10 Unterganger Kunst Children of the Night (Entry for Parker87´s "Spooky Hitler" Contest)

Other entries (In no particular order)

Name Entry
Gb. Alexander Downfall/Eraserhead parody: Hitler's Strange Happening (Entry for Parker87's Spooky Hitler Contest)
Martroid 98 Hitler and Fegelein's Halloween Party (Downfall Parody) (Spooky Hitler Contest)
Mitchell Hang Hitler Watches Axis Powers Hetalia: ep. 23.5 (Entry for Parker87's "Spooky Hitler" contest)
TheFikri136 Hitler is Alone (Entry for Parker87's Spooky Hitler Contest)
CoLDe84 Occult "Hitler" wants to possess Fegelein :o
HighBunker HxH Parodies Jodl Plans to Destroy Halloween (Entry for Parker87´s Spooky Hitler Contest)
ErnestJohn 18 His worst experience yet ( Entry for Parker87's "Spooky Hitler" Contest )
DarkLordKiller (Downfall Parody) Hitler and The Nazi Zombie ep.1 (Entry for Parker87's "Spooky Hitler" contest)
2012FluttershyFTW Fegelein's Screamer Prank on I.B. Hitler - FNAF (Entry to Parker87's Spooky Hitler Contest)
Downfall Dolfy Fegelein steals Hitlers pumpkin
Beom Jun Koo My entry to Parker87's 'Spooky Hitler' Contest

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