The "Merry Hitler" Contest was a Christmas contest organised by JennieParker87 in December 2014. In total, the contest received 15 entries. Famous Untergangers such as Hitler Rants Parodies, TheSilverUniverse and Ako675 took part, along with many others. The result video was uploaded on New Year's Eve 2014.


The contestant was asked to create a parody with Christmas theme under 5 minutes long. FX and music were highly encouraged. Holocaust references and obscene material were forbidden.

Winner selection

JennieParker87 along with a few judges selected the winners. Entries were given points (1-5) in different categories; FX, music, plot, quality and originality. Then the points were added together, and the entry with the highest score won. A top 3 list was made, with the top 3 entries. The remaining entries were presented in a compilation of snippets from the videos. Ako675 won the contest, making it his second victory in one of JennieParker87's contests (he also won in The Commercial Contest). TheSilverUniverse was only one point away from victory, and ended up in second place, followed by LOTRKingluis in third place.


Top 3

Place Name Entry
1 Ako675 A very merry Hitler
2 TheSilverUniverse Hitler's letter for Santa
3 LOTRKingluis Downfall Parody - Quick-Fast Jingle Song

Other entries (in no particular order)

Name Entry
Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler receives a video message from Santa
SuperHokutoGlitchy16 Hitler's Crystal Dust Christmas!
ObjectingAntics Dolfy's Christmas
TheUnknownHitler Hitler's Christmas Presents
UDeepEX Hitler's Epic Christmas
CloneOfJoster285 Christmas Time in the Bunker
Gokyr586 Hitler's Pencil Of Winter
Foxy The Fegel Fox Hitler goes Christmas caroling
Bellmo15 Hitler's Christmas Bet
Avidsonicfan1991 Hitler's ruined Christmas dream
Nhlfan40 (DPMV) 12 Days of Fuhrermas
Tylermymom101 Hitler's Christmas Disaster!

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