TheTrainSimFan is a Romanian Unterganger and YouTube Pooper.


He started watching Downfall parodies in 2010. He created his channel in 2013, then known as Eugen Filipescu, uploading videos with train crashes in his old simulator. His first downfall parody was made with Jacek Fedorynski's Hitler video maker and was in Romanian. The next 2 parodies were made with the same software. Then he made his first audio based parody, made with WMM. Then he downloaded VideoPad. The first English parody was 'Hitler plays BeamNG', again, a audio based parody.  He kept making downfall parodies, although his computer showed problems in his parodies. After his computer was replaced, he started making Michael Rosen YouTube Poops with Sony Vegas 11. He came back in 23 August 2014, uploading a Mannerheim parody. Since then he kept uploading Hitler parodies and Michael Rosen poops at the same time.

He even created the Jaruzelski parodies series, only 2 existing at the moment.

Although he announced a retirement on 1 April 2015, which proved to be a April Fool. But since there is no more Downfall parodies produced since then (only YTPs) it is implied to be true. He also had an upload crisis with the YTPs, the main reason said to be the lack of ideas on YTPs. But on 11 December he made a not-so-glorious comeback.

In January 2017, he deleted all of his Downfall Parodies and retired. In October 2017, he closed his channel.

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