TheOwl18 (Known for a time as HitlersWaffles) is a Scottish Unterganger and YouTube Pooper who started making parodies on December 31, 2015.


He created his YouTube channel in early 2014. However, he didn't start making parodies until December 2015. His early videos were gameplay videos with no commentary and this got him a small amount of subscribers. He went inactive for over a year due to his crappy PC not being able to render videos at a decent quality. However, he published a new gameplay video after getting his new PC the year after. He made his first parody with the Caption Generator in late December 2015 from being inspired watching videos of other Untergangers.


On August 17, 2016, YouTube took down his account due to copyright strikes. Many Untergangers believed he had shut the channel himself and this resulted in him being removed from the Best Unterganger vote of August 2016 due to this, but he later clarified that YouTube terminated his channel. Upon the termination, he deleted most of his other Unterganging affiliated accounts due to never using them. Ironically enough, the deletion of these accounts was what resulted in several Untergangers thinking he closed his channel.

He created a new account later that month under the name HitlersWaffles, but he changed his name back to TheOwl18 later. He changed his channel's name to Donald Trump for a short while, presumably due to the recent presidency of Donald Trump.

Break and Return

On the 23th February 2017, Owl announced that he would be taking a break from making videos for an indefinite amount of time due to being burnt out and lack of motivation.

Owl returned to making parodies again on the 7th of May 2017.


His parodies range from different styles, including Traditional, Modified Traditional, Special FX, Musical and Video Game based.


In May 2016, he won "Best Video Game Parody" in the Unterganger Awards with his Hitler Plays: Grand Theft Auto 5 - Raging Fuhrer parody.

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