“Mein name shorts TMP”
―TheMetinPorta correcting a mistake of an user
TheMetinPorta is an Unterganger and a novice Game Designer. He created his account on 5 October 2011.

He started out by making LPs of Inkagames' games before moving on to pivot animations. After that, he made some comedy videos with Loquendo voices. Currently, he is making Downfall Parodies and LPs in Spanish.

His first downfall parody was called: Hitler va a un restaurante (Hitler goes to a restaurant in english) made in August 27, 2013 but it was erase for copyright in November 18

He first became known to the community via the Untergangers Chat.

He currently is not making more parodies, and he's making videogames and Loquendo videos about videogames and comedy


Fewendows (or Fegeldows) was TheMetinPorta's first big parody project. First announced in the Untergangers Chat, it is apparently a version of Windows 95, created by Meinkrosöft, but with 'Antic augmentations' and its own selection of games. It is canceled after his retirement.


  • TheMetinPorta tries to use more FX in his videos
  • TheMetinPorta started developing a game called The 500 Mazes. Development began on the 17th of November, 2013. He currently has about 100 levels finished, and is trying to think of more traps for the later stages.
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