TheLordmephiles is a Russian Unterganger who lives in New Jersey, United States.

TheLordmephiles was born on September 17 and resides in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. TheLordmephiles used to play Club Penguin, but as he was getting older he got bored of it, so he quit. He wanted to find another way to make videos so when he found out about Hitler Parodies, he was on the run. He started the Downfall Business on Feburary 17, 2011. He currently has 190 (and counting) subscribers and 233 videos.

He was inspired by Hitler Rants Parodies, KakashiBallZ, vzorkic, and Echoes1224.

fegeleintheman23 is TheLordmephiles in this wiki.

It seems that he deleted his YT channel, and his backup channel doesn't contain any parody, so he probably can be considered retired.


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