“Ah, der Herr Professor!”
―Tellermann on seeing Schenck
“Ein guter Soldat findet immer seine Verpflegung!”
―Tellermann plagiarising Mohnke.
“Das ist ein Führerbefehl!”

Tellermann was an SS-Obergruppenführer who was overseeing the evacuation of the building where Schenck's office resided, when "Clausewitz" started. All ministries and departments were ordered to leave Berlin, and therefore all documents were being destroyed, before the personnel was to be evacuated.

Current knowledge of the Unterganging community, however, establishes him as a fictional character.

Role In Downfall

In the scene with Schenck and the burning of documents, Tellermann was overseeing the evacuation of Schenck's building. Schenck came outside to protest, saying that the food supply will collapse, and the soldiers will take food from the civilians when the fighting spreads all over the city. Tellermann says it's an order from the Führer. Schenck then tells him that while he acts as a department head, he responds to SS and Himmler, but he is also a doctor in the Wehrmacht, and they're not leaving yet. Tellermann says that the professor can stay in Berlin and gives an order to get him the proper papers. He then departs with his group of soldiers through the parked cars and trucks.

Tellermann was played by the German actor Veit Stübner.

In Downfall Parodies

In KakashiBallZ's parody Hitler and Fegelein Join Forces To Take On Constantin Films he is present at Downfall Parodies Headquarters to oversee the destruction of the Downfall parody manuscripts, after being hired by Constantin Film. Schenck tries to stop them, invoking fair use. Tellermann responds by saying that Constantin Films has copyrights to this film. Schenck responds him that they're used for non-profit motives. Tellermann insists. Schenck tells him he'll call the lawyers, and Tellermann orders that all destruction be stopped.

Tellermann has also appeared in a couple of story-based parodies, such as The Assassination of Hitler, The Console Wars, and Der Frozengang.


  • Just like Stehr, Wilhelm, Dorothee and Peter Kranz, Tellermann is a fictional character.
  • His name is not mentioned in the movie, only in the film credits.
  • Tellermann is probably based on the real life SS Obergruppenführer Oswald Pohl.
    • According to the book Die Katakombe, (El Bunker in Spanish), the guy in charge, the one who led the German convoy to the south of Germany when the Clausewitz alarm was announced, was SS Obergruppenführer Pohl.
    • According to Schenck himself, the phrase "Ein guter Soldat findet immer seine Verpflegung" (A good soldier always finds his food) was actually said by Mohnke.


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