TailzParodies, formerly known as Honda1334parodies, was a Singaporean fourth-generation Unterganger.

Since late 2016, he, along with TraitorLoxoz and GreenPenguinParodies, have a rather infamous reputation as being one of the most controversial Untergangers in the community. They are collectively known as the "Triggered Trio". Details can be found here.

Since then, it is assumed that he has matured since his controversy days. He even sent a message in the comments section of this page, explaining everything.


His first known Downfall parody was Hitler phones the Angry Japanese Kid, released on July 31, 2015.

He, along with Superdumpfback and JJ All-star, were also the founding members of the Drachenlord Rants Parodies collaboration group.

As of November 2017, he has closed down his channel.


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