TFPStudios (formerly known as TheFegelProject) is a Romanian Unterganger.

About and history

TFPStudios is a Romanian Unterganger, who started his YouTube channel in December 2013. He made one Hitler Parody once on Windows Movie Maker, but it was for a friend. Later, he started his channel and began uploading parodies there.

Prior to his name change, he was known as TheFegelProject, but he changed it to TFP because he became used to using the abbreviation and it just rolled off the tongue better.

His style is traditional and modified traditional. He initially used Windows Movie Maker, but has made the switch to Sony Vegas.

He won the Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award in November, this being his first award in his Downfall Parody career.

Due to having a irregular schedule, he usually uploads parodies at his own pace. This, however, means that big gaps can occur between his uploads.

His last parody was uploaded in June 2015 and he has silently retired, as stated by himself in the The Downfall Parodies Society Chat Room.

TFP and the community

He initially introduced himself on the old Downfall Parodies Forum. He's also become relatively known for his activity on the Untergangers Chat as well as the Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room.

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