In the Parody Universe, a superweapon is a form of offense that that takes the form of innate abilities (like superpowers) or contraptions (tools or weapons), and deals a wide range of damage. Some are activated by performing certain gestures, while others are deployed by pulling triggers or being thrown. The effects of the superweapons range from minor injury to mass destruction; and some are used to negate other's superweapons' effects.

The first superweapon is the Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction, initially known only as the Pencil of Doom, and in time fused with a later Pencil of Mass Destruction. After the initial success of the Pencil a plethora of superweapons were created by Untergangers, imbued onto a wide range of characters.

There are also non-destructive abilities/contraptions that doesn't do damage and counter-abilities/contraptions that cancels out the effect of other superweapons. These are also classified as superweapons.

The superweapons, though insanely powerful in some cases, are rarely used strategically, but instead used to show off and brag with one another, leading to superweapon wars.

The superweapon fad is popular from the Pencil of Doom's inception in 2010 through the second generation, dying off with said generation as successive generations abandon the parody theme concept. Today only the Pencil of Doom remains.


As stated above, a superweapon can be either:

  • An ability, using the owner's own body
    • These are deployed by performing an action or gestures, such as ranting, crying, saying certain phrases or hitting with a closed fist.
  • A contraption in the form of tools or weapons
    • These are deployed by throwing, looking into, shooting or otherwise 'using' it

The effects of the superweapon can be categorized as follows:

  • Dealing injury, rarely to an opponent but instead to an unsuspecting victim
  • Dealing wide-scale damage and mass destruction
  • Inhibit the effects of other superweapons such is the case of the Stare of Silence. This mainly works on superweapons that are gesture or voice-activated.

There also exists superweapon that operate on the power of antics known as Antic-Related Weapons. The use of these weapons are usually to commit antics instead of bringing forth destruction.

List of Superweapons

The following is a list of superweapons in the Parody Universe.

Downfall Characters

Editor note: Similar/non-original superweapons to existing ones (i.e. different name, similar powers) should be added to this section instead.



Hitler's Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction
Created by Hitler Rants Parodies

The first ever superweapon. Hitler describes his target and throws the pencil on his table. Powers range wildly, from bringing misfortune to people to causing mass destruction. Some version requires a map as a targeting device.

Fegelein's Fist of Doom and Mass Destruction
Created by Benad361[1]

Similar effects to the Pencil of Doom, but caused by Fegelein hitting his fist against his palm in the scene where he debates with the generals. It's sometimes dubbed the "Fegel-fist".
Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon
Created by WonkyTonkBotty[2]
Similar, but caused by Burgdorf shooting his gun at Fritzsche when Goebbels is ranting and Fritzsche tries to surrender to Chuikov. One of the most, if not the most powerful superweapon of any Downfall character, it destroys part of the Solar System and several huge structures in every episode, and even caused The Big Crunch in the third episode.
Hitler's Headshake of Mass Combustion
Created by jesse2282[3]
The effect is similar with Hitler's Pencil. Another Unterganger, 20fadhil, however, describes it as the weapon that backfires at Hitler himself by inducing head concussions that worsen with each use, making it the only weapon that has a side-effect on the user itself.
Hitler's Phone of Pain
Created by Kevinjanssen21
The effect is similar with Hitler's Pencil. However, in the second parody, it somewhat attacks Hitler himself when he's about to kill his officers by his phone, making it possibly the least accurate superweapon.
Grawitz's Foot Stomp of Doom
Created by wilmolfc[4]
Similar, but involves Grawitz stomping his foot.
Hitler's Fegelein of Doom
First appeared in a parody by Steven1991
From the end of the Hitler is informed scene, where Hitler shouts "Fegelein!" a few times to Günsche. Everytime Hitler says "Fegelein!", something should happen. Unfortunately, this weapon doesn't work.
Günsche's Knock of Doom
Created by blacknishin[5]
Involved in two parodies by aforementioned Unterganger so far. Similar, but involves Günsche knocking on the door. Also heard in: "Hitler, Stalin and Others are Trapped in a Wooden Box" by Benad361.
Högl's MP40 of Total Annihilation
Created by WonkyTonkBotty[6]
Its damage rate was nearly the same as the Pencil of Mass Destruction and the Pistol of Armageddon.
Goebbels' Hand Clap of Doom
Created by notoriousrob01
It is similar to Fegelein's Fist of Mass Destruction. Is featured in Fegelein vs Goebbels: Hand Clap of Doom.

Erna Flegel's Boo-Hoo of Hysterical Proportions
Created by WonkyTonkBotty[7]

It starts when Erna Flegel enters the room drunk, then Fritz Tornow describes the target. Then Erna Flegel Boo-Hoos, destroying the target.

Günsche's Phone of Chaos
Created by Ernestjohn18[8]

Similar, but involved Günsche hanging the phone up. Günsche describes the target by hanging up, then destroying the target. Based on Kevinjanssen21's Hitler's Phone of Pain.

Note: The hang-up sequence is from Hitler's. Günsche is never seen hanging up in the film.
Bormann's Chair of Doom
Created by Hanif837[9]
Similar, but involved Bormann scrapping the floor with the chair. Bormann describes the target, then scraps the floor with a chair, destroying the target. Based on Wilmolfc's Grawitz's Foot Stomp of Doom.
Jodl's Skull Brightness Doomsday
Created by Shiga95[10]
Similar, But involved Jodl uses his shining head. Jodl describes the target, then his skull shines brightly, then destroying the target. Based on Hitler Rants Parodies' Hitler's Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction and Jesse2282's Hitler's Headshake of Mass Combustion.

Krebs' Map Pointing of Damnation
Created by Shiga95

Similar, but involved Krebs pointing the map. Krebs describes the target, then made the target hit.

Jodl's Objection of Doom
Created by KnightTemplar1922 (Fegelgamer)

Hitler describes a target but Jodl quickly objects Dolfy, and then destroying a target, designated by Jodl. This weapon is so strong, that Hitler doesn't need to use his pencil.
Burgdorf's Drunk Song of Chaos
Created by The1Bunker1Team
It starts with Burgdorf drinking vodka and then he's singing what's going to happen, then destroying the target.

Chuikov's Cupboard of Destiny
Created by Inventivepanzer

Similar to the Pencil of doom, caused this time by Russian General Chuikov slamming the door of his cupboard. It is not as powerful as some of the other superweapons, and on one occasion stopped working for a short period of time, only to start back up again about 20 seconds later. Comes from the Krebs meets General Chuikov scene.

Mohnke's Victorious Heiling
Created by Brylimanjay95

Similar to the Pencil of doom, but involved Mohnke raised his arm and made the target being hit.

Hewel's Suicide of Doom
Created by InstaneCrafter

When Hewel commits suicide, Stehr shoots himself, and something explodes.

Göring's Watch of Destruction
Created by Thunderbirds360TV

Göring describes his target, looks at his watch and then it can cause various results, as far as possibly destroying the whole Earth. When it's not used for harming it tells Göring if it's dinner time.

Schädle's Pistol of Doom
Created by s2iDP

Similar to Burgdorf's pistol, but instead of firing the pistol at the thing he wants to destroy, Schädle shoots the pistol into his mouth, and the target he specifies is hit. The pistol was later stolen and claimed for himself by Burgdorf, after Schädle used the pistol to commit suicide.

Günsche's Dance Moves Of Mega Awesomeness
Created by Shiyamasaleem

It starts when Otto Günsche showing everyone including Hitler his dance moves. Then Otto Günsche's Dance Moves, destroying the target.

Bunker Jokes Laughter Of Disastrous Hilarity
Created by Gokyr586 [11]

Either Hewel or Schenck presents a question related to the target, and Tornow replies with a joke related to said target. They, along with a few others, break into laughter, causing said target to encounter a mishap that is in some way related to the joke presented. Sometimes, the target would be laughed at for extra humiliation. At the end, Tornow suggests turning this into a laughing party, after which the Earth gets destroyed due to their continuous laughter(with an initially disapproving Krebs joining in).

Non-Downfall Characters

Weapon Description
Tukhachevsky's Fork of Pwnage
By Benad361[12]
In Benad361's Stalin Parodies, Tukhachevesky creates a superweapon of similar, even greater power, than the Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction or the Fist of Mass Destruction.
Inglourious Basterds Hitler's Hand Grasp of Pwnage
Created by 20fadhil[13]
Its power is enough to make Rebecca Black's Friday song is played in Downfall Hitler's Bunker for three days.
Leopold's Keyboard of Doom
Created by mythplatypuspwned[14]
A powerful weapon owned by Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid). It starts when Microsoft Sam tells Leopold not to smash his keyboard. Leopold tells Sam to shut up, and that he will destroy stuff with his keyboard.
Captain Thomsen's Bottle of Mass Destruction
Created by HitchcockJohn[15]
It starts with Thomsen giving a speech while drunk, and he reveals his new superweapon, which he promptly uses on a variety of bizarre targets that include helicopters, Twilight vampires, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the Death Star.
Corporal Park's Machine Gun of Doom
Created by Juniermahri246[16]
This is the first and only parody based on a Korean film. It shows a South Korean soldier named Cpl. Park refusing his superior order, say the target's name, then shoot them, making them fail or die.
Nicolae Ceausescu's Hand-Wave of Mayhem
Created by Benad361
Nicolae Ceausescu is interrupted in his debut parody by a crowd of angry Romanian people, who refuse to be quiet. A communist official warns them not to provoke him into using it, and he does use it, blowing up the capital Bucharest in suicidal desperation at being stopped from ranting by his own people.
Nicolae Ceausescu's Rapidly Flailing Arm of Doom
Created by Benad361[17]
Ceausescu is demanded by his people not to use it or to cause chaos. He becomes angry, and uses it against many people, including the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and President Ford of the United States.

Khrushchev's Teacup of Doom
Created by Hanif837[18]

Similar, but involved Khrushchev slamming the Teacup on the desk. Khrushchev describes the target, slams the teacup on the desk, destroying the target. Based on Hitler's Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction.

Mr. Butthead's Bunghole of Methanic Chaos
Created by WonkyTonkBotty[19]
It is literally Butthead from Beavis and Butthead Do America's father standing up and farting on a campfire, which manages to cause various accidents to occur.
The Joker's Pencil of Trickery
Created by Hitler Rants Parodies[20]
The Joker from The Dark Knight slams a thug's head against a pencil standing in the table. This causes some incident to occur, ranging from a person tripping to the Führerbunker exploding.
Harvey Dent's Pistol of Chance
Created by Soalric[21]
Harvey Two-Face Dent from The Dark Knight flips his coin and, if it lands on the unlucky burned side, the pistol becomes supercharged and causes all kinds of mayhem. There is a drawback though, since if the coin lands on the lucky shiny side, then the pistol only acts like a normal gun.
Mao Zedong's Bowl of Disaster
Created by KnightTemplar1922 (Fegelgamer)
Mao Zedong gets angry and kicks the bowl, and the target is hit mercilessly. This weapon is strong enough to destroy China.
Berlusconi's Humping of Annihilation
Created by DictatorAntics[22]
Silvio Berlusconi is seen humping a police woman. The humping of annihilation can do something as small as breaking a rope, or as big as destroying the world.
De Gaulle's Blo of Doom
Created by Brylimanjay95
Similar to the Pencil of Doom, but Charles De Gaulle says 'blo', describing the target and then the target is hit.

General Veers' Maximum Firepower of Obliteration Created by Benad361[23]

Major General Maximillian Veers' uses the 'maximum firepower' of his AT-AT walker to destroy various targets 'in moments'. He also once used it to destroy Muammar al-Gaddafi.
Gaddafi's Fist of Doom and Mass Destruction
Created by gagislobista
Similar, but involves Gaddafi hitting his fist against the podium. He claims it's more powerful than the Pencil of Doom. Because this is a fist, it could be more powerful than Fegelein's Fist of Mass Destruction.
Gaddafi's Papers of Doom
Created by DictatorAntics[24]
Similar, but involves Gaddafi throwing papers elsewhere inside the United Nations' Assembly.
Bashar al-Assad's Finger Twirl of Carnage
Created by mythplatypuspwned[25]
It starts with the Syrian protesters telling Bashar al Assad not to twirl his finger. He replies "Uhh...No". Then he describes his target and twirls his finger, destroying the target.
Ali Abdullah Saleh's Head-Nod of Accidents
Created by Benad361
Ali Abdullah Saleh finds he can nod his head repeatedly, while stating a target, and cause an accident to happen on said target. The Yemeni Protesters tell him not to, and he insists, and starts to destroy intended targets. (Note: video removed for now, will be uploaded in a better quality at a later date).
Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali's Finger Point of Mass Destruction
Created by Benad361
Ben Ali complains of not being included in the parodies whilst other Arab dictators are. It makes him angry, and he starts to randomly point at things in anger and channel his rage into his finger, discovering his power. He proceeds to use it against various targets.

Non-lethal weapons and counter-weapons

Non-lethal weapons are "weapons" (or abilities) that does not deal damage, instead induces change in behaviour of the victims or the construction of objects. Counter-weapons are used to inhibit the opponent's superweapon's effects, or generally silence the opponent so that he could not use his superweapon.

Weapon Description
Goebbels' Pencil of Rantmageddon
Created by FuhrerFegelein[26]
A lesser-known weapon, it is used by Goebbels to make his target rant in anger.
Burgdorf's Rant of Love
Created by DeltaForce62
It is used by Burgdorf to make his target rant in love. Like the Pencil of Rantmageddon, it isn't used much because it only makes somebody rant. This is the only weapon that involves vocals rather than a weapon. The series ended with redemption.
Fegelein's Fist of Love
Created by Deltaforce62
A more powerful weapon, it is similar to the Rant of Love, but a lot more powerful due to Burgdorf's regeneration process to rant again for love, Fegelein is their backup weapon.
Burgdorf's Pistol of Love
Created By Deltaforce62
A successor of Rant of Love, it is four times more powerful weapon and a reversed version of Pistol of Armageddon.
Hitler's Pencil of Mass Construction
Created by Mriamsleeping[27]
It is the reversed version of Hitler’s pencil of Doom.
Hitler's Pencil of Masterpiece
Created by mfaizsyahmi[28]
Built by Speer, it produces [non-original] art (and once a page from an ero manga) wherever it hits. Useful in decorating the drab walls of the bunker.
Speer's Eye of Boob Detection Not much of a superweapon in a sense. It is used by Speer to detect the presence of boobs, particularly Traudl's. This weapon/ability predates the Pencil of Doom.
Goebbels Stare Of Silence
Created by UberFuhrerParodies[29]
This weapon in parody comic, may also have a similar effect. She threatens Khamis with it, implying it may also have destructive powers, or, simply, be generally intimidating. A spy from the Libyan National Transitional Council reports that Ayesha had copied a stolen German manual for the Stare, which Goebbels confirms, but Ayesha claims that Joey G taught it to her willingly. The issue is still open to debate.
Weidling's Speech Of Obey
Created by JJ All-star[30]
When Weidling make his speech (in the announcement room) to everyone else, they will listen and obey his words. But when this effect was gone or broken, he will personally faint.

Antic-Related Weapons

Other versions of existing superweapons

  • Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon
    • Burgdorf's Pistol Of Mysterious Blackness by DownfallParodies123
  • Fegelein's Fist of Doom
    • Fegelein's Clap of Desolation by wtj143HiTlerViDs[31]
    • Fegelein's Clap of Demise by TheLordmephiles[32]
    • Fegelein Clap Of Chaos by dronedalekgaming6[33]
  • Gaddafi's Fist of Doom and Mass Destruction
    • Gaddafi's Fist of Doom by cyberpolice9000[34]
  • Goebbels' Stare Of Silence
  • Grawitz's Stomp of Doom
    • Grawitz's Victory Stomp by DownfallParodies123: Anyone in the room receives a heart attack
  • Hitler's Pencil of Doom
    • Adolf Hitler's Pencil of Destruction by SSHimmlerHeinrich[35]: Involves mainly NASCAR crashes
    • Adolf Hitler's Pencil Of Pwnage by DownfallParodies123
    • Adolf Hitler's Pencil Of Fucking Pwnage by DownfallParodies123
    • Hitler's Pencil Of Earthly Destruction by HalfLink
  • Hitler's Fegelein of Doom
    • Adolf Hitler's Fegelein Table Smash Of Antic Prowess by Dimitri277
  • Günsche's Dance Moves Of Mega Awesomeness

Other forms of weaponry

The Ark of the Covenant
Not created by any Unterganger, not even by Steven Spielberg, even though he was the writer and director of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was used as a weapon in parody by Steven1991. The legend of the Ark goes back to more than 3000 years ago. The Ark was a golden box built under the guidance of Moses which contained the original tablets of the Ten Commandments. It was eventually placed inside the Temple of Solomon, where it remained for centuries. Unfortunately, when the temple was sacked by the Romans in the first century AD, the Ark vanished and has been missing ever since. Because the Ark actually contains the power of God, no weapon can beat it. Not even Hitler’s pencil of Doom or Fegelein’s Antic weapons can beat it.
Created by Benad361. It is a pet snake owned by Gaddafi, but never visually seen so far, but heard attacking (Jodl) in Benad361's popular parody: "Hitler, Stalin and Others are Trapped in a Wooden Box".
Created by Benad361 and shown in Tukhachevsky versus Fegelein: The Final Battle. It is owned by Tukhachevsky who constructed it himself. It takes the form of a metallic, mechanical suit. The most notable feature is the self-defence mechanism which can electrocute an opponent with "1,000,000 Antic Watts a minute" (Antic Watts being more lethal than normal watts). To use it, you grip an opponent while wearing the suit (part of the suit includes black, electronic gloves) and activate it. Tukhachevsky used this to lethal effect, shocking Fegelein with it by grabbing him just as he threw a punch. He was able to resist for some seconds but was eventually overcome and collapsed, close to death and almost completely drained of energy. In turn, Fegelein used it to electrocute Tukhachevsky by activating it as he clung to the metal of the plane, causing him to lose his grip and be destroyed as he fell into a turbine of the jet. It was seemingly destroyed too, but it will likely make another appearence in future parodies.

Superweapon war

A superweapon war is a match between superweapons. It occurs when one of the superweapon owners insults or challenges another superweapon owner, flames him/her, and finally, one of them will ask for a match.

Hitler's Pencil of Doom vs Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon[36]
Created by 20fadhil. The first match between Hitler's Pencil and Burgdorf's Pistol. It started when Burgdorf insult Hitler by claiming that his penis could do better destruction than Hitler's pencil. Feeling insulted, Hitler returned the favour by saying that his Pencil is bigger than Burgdorf's penis. Burgdorf then asks for a match, and Hitler positively responds. After 5 hours fighting, Burgdorf realized that a 2012 event would happen if they keep going, forcing him to surrender. After Burgdorf declared his defeat, Hitler makes some celebrations that caused the city to be totally wiped out.
Hitler's Headshake of Mass Combustion vs Angry German Kid's Keyboard of Doom[37]
Created by 20fadhil. The prologue unfolds when Leopold calls Hitler on the phone to brag about his keyboard. He even attacks the SS soldiers outdoors. Enraged, Hitler challenges Leopold for the match. Initially, he wants to use his Pencil, but Krebs informed him that both of his Pencil is currently under service, so he has no choice but to use his Headshake. Hitler eventually defeated Leopold by destroying the Death Star, something that Leopold couldn't achieve. Leopold went berserk and smashes his keyboard, creating a huge wave that floods the Earth. Hitler finally end the match by destroying an estate, presumably with Leopold inside.
Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon VI vs Högl's MP40 of Total Annihilation II
Created by WonkyTonkBotty. The match starts when Fritzsche said that there's competition against Burgdorf's pistol. Challenged, Burgdorf showed his power by destroying several parts of the world, until Hogl arrived and doubted his Pistol against Hogl's MP40. After that, both of them fight in a very apocalyptic match. Nobody won the match, because the destruction that was caused by them was so big that Universe was totally wiped out by a black hole ripped by the superweapons, making it the only superweapon battle that ended with no clear victory.
Fegelein vs Goebbels - Hand Clap of Doom
Created by notoriousrob01. It is a superweapon battle between Fegelein and Goebbels' Hand Claps of doom. They do some destruction, then at the end Hitler throws his Pencil of Doom at them and causes a large explosion, because they didn't invite him to the clap off.
Hitler's Pencil of Doom Vs Joker's Pencil of Trickery
Created by Hitler Rants Parodies. Burgdorf tells Hitler that the Joker has obtained a pencil of trickery that is supposedly unbeatable. Hitler and the Joker then face off, causing havoc all over the world. At the end, the Joker enters the Führerbunker and uses his pencil one more time, causing the entire place to explode.
Hitler's Pencil of Doom/Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon Vs Harvey Dent's Pistol of Chance
Created by Soalric. Harvey Dent enters the bunker and threatens everyone with his Pistol of Chance. Burgdorf challenges him to a shoot off, but ultimately loses. He then yells at Dent that Hitler can beat him with his Pencil of Doom. Dent goes to Hitler's office and tries to catch him off guard, but he can't use his pistol correctly because suddenly, his coin only lands shiny side up. Ultimately, he just shoots Hitler. However, he recovers and, using the Pencil of Doom, kills Dent.
Jodl's Skull Brightness Doomsday vs. Burgdorf's Pistol of Armageddon
Created by Shiga95. Jodl And Burgdorf Are Having An Argument To See Which Is The Better Superweapon, But Hitler Says 'The Pencil Of Doom Says Game Draw', And Hitler Throws Down The Pencil Of Doom And The City Has Been Blown Up.
Hitler's Pencil of Doom vs. Mao Zedong's Bowl of Disaster
Created by KnightTemplar1922. Hitler throws the pencil of doom on the map, and it hits any target. Mao kicks the Bowl of Disaster, and it also hits any target.
Goebbels's Pencil of Rantmageddon vs Burgdorf's Rant of Love
Created by 20fadhil. Goebbels's insulted by Burgdorf making some rumors about his affairs with Justin Bieber, so he invited him to the superweapon war. The battle's assumed to make each others nullified each others effect, like Goebbels making Hitler got angry to his subordinates after Burgdorf's rant made him thinking about giving them some kind of raise. The battle's ended after Burgdorf failed to make Goring talks about his love of food (due to his voice problem), and in response to the deal they made earlier, Goebbels ordered Högl to shoot Burgdorf.
Hitler's pencil and Gadaffi's papers of doom VS. Fegelein's fist and Schädle's pistol of doom
Created by s2iDP. The parody begins by Jodl warning Hitler not to throw his pencil, but Hitler does anyway. Fegelein responds by unleashing his fist of doom. Hitler later gets Gadaffi to take over with his papers of doom - Fegelein holds out, but later hands the baton to Schädle, who uses his pistol. Gadaffi later lets Hitler take over again, and Hitler goes at such a pace that Schädle is forced to use the pistol on himself. Burgdorf takes Schädle's pistol, and effectively replaces him. Hitler and Burgdorf have a bout, and Hitler gets Gadaffi to take over. This proves to be a part of a plan to get both Hitler and Gadaffi in at once though - Burgdorf realises, and Fegelein joins in. All 4 men end up using their superweapons at once, whilst claiming theirs is the best, causing utter chaos. This superweapon war is also the very first tag-team superweapon battle.
Gaddafi's Papers of Mass Destruction vs General Veers' Maximum Firepower of Obliteration
Created by Benad361.


  • The names of some superweapons are incorrect or misleading. For example, Fegelein's "Fist" is a hand clap, and Khrushchev's "Teacup" is a glass mug. These are clearly mistakes on the part of the introducing Untergangers, but was retained for the sake of continuity.


The following galleries show the superweapons along with its users.

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