Super Mitch Productions is a second-generation Unterganger. He currently has over 4,800 subscribers, a combined total of over 3,780,000 video views, and 83 parodies. In addition, he is also an   AGK (Angry German Kid) parodist. However despite these accomplishments, he appears to be relatively unknown within the Downfall community.


Super Mitch Productions joined YouTube on December 24, 2010. However, he was a gamer prior to being both an Unterganger and a AGK parodist. On July 19, 2011, he uploaded his first Hitler parody called Hitler finds out BarlowGirl101's YouTube account was suspended while his first AGK parody was AGK Episode #1: Angry German Kid Goes To School, uploaded on May 11, 2012.

Despite being an unterganger, he still makes non-parody videos to this day.

Parody Style

He started making parodies in the traditional style, but evolved into using modified scenes and eventually special effects, often through headpasting or even rotoscoping. He also uses scenes from outside of Downfall.

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