Supermariogalaxy13 is a YouTube pooper, a Source Filmmaker, and an Unterganger. He is also a huge Nintendo fan, as his username implies, and a former Brony. He is notable for his Hitler Visits Ponyville, where Hitler visited the fanon version of Equestria and was raped by the Molestia-verse Twilight Sparkle, who gave birth to the Furherfilly and Hitler later waged war on Pinkamena) and Hitler Visits Didney Worl, which combines his Waxinator-inspired YouTube poop style with Downfall parodies.


SupermarioGalaxy13 originally started off making videos with a pirated copy of Source Filmmaker, but at some point started making Downfall parodies. His most notable parody early on was the series "Hitler Visits Ponyville". However, his channel was hacked and all of his videos were deleted as part of a collaborative effort by some of the people working on a brony-related project with him. He renounced the title of brony as a result of this betrayal, though he kept the Furherfilly character only until Hitler Visits Didney Worl was finished. As of January 30, 2013, the series has gone unfinished, with four parts released.

While some of his parodies were restored thanks to the efforts of his fans, Hitler Visits Ponyville appears to be forever lost.

As a result of the hacking, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when he started making Downfall parodies, however, between his DeviantART and backup account, it can be reasonably deduced that he was a second-generation unterganger.

He hasn’t made any parodies since 2013.



  • When asked about his "Ms. Galaxy" steam alias, he claimed it was just random. Considering the content of his SFM videos, there doesn't seem to be much reason to doubt this.

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