“You're a Wankstain.”
Stupid Giant Parodies
“I must Inform you that I'm a Giant.”
―Another one of Günsche's useless informing.

Stupid Giant Parodies or SGP for short, is a Sixth-generation Unterganger from Poland. He is commonly known as "none other than guy who's roleplaying Otto Günsche(Giant)." He established his channel in 2017 but made his debut on 19th December, 2018.


Although he established his channel in 2017, he didn't make any parodies yet and preferred to watch them, which he was a big fan of. He then debuted on December 19th, 2018 by uploading his first parody called Hitler is informed that He's in Snowstorm. It has since been taken down along with all of his other videos and reuploaded on his current channel on June 9th, 2019.

Currently, he has 16 subscribers (formerly 50 before he removed his channel) and over 1.7 thousand total views.

Parody Style

SGP bases himself on both a traditional style and special effects, through the use of green screens. An example of this is the snowstorm in his first parody and the Günsche clones in Hitler gets annoyed by Günsche clones.  His green screens are usually done on Hitler and Günsche. To make his  videos, SGP uses Filmora 9.


  • He is a very dedicated roleplayer of the downfall character, Otto Günsche, and considers himself a stupid giant.
  • He is fascinated with World War II history and is devoted to the soul of his own country. 
  • At one point he proclaimed that he owns the Information of Mass Destruction, a weapon that is similar in effect to the Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction, except only Günsche can use it. 


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