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Story Arc is the telling of a story through multiple episodes of media such as comic books, television episodes, and Parodies.

A Story Arc is a construction decided upon by the writer, simply having episodes in a sequence is NOT a story arc. Also, a story arc doesn't have to be sequential to achieve its effect of telling a story. However, each piece of the story arc can be removed out of episodic sequence and placed simply in sequence with each other and the story can be told with very little loss of information. These two different types are called Sequential Story Arcs and Non-sequential Story Arcs.

Examples in Parody Universe

Sequential Story Arcs

There are a few examples of Sequential Story Arcs (Story Arcs that appear in an episodic sequence, one right after another) throughout the Parody Universe.

  • Hitler's Llama Priest
  • Hitler Vs. Khan
  • Hitler's Election Downfall
  • Hitler vs Justin Bieber Fans
  • Fegelein Turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon
  • FegaMan

Non-Sequential Story Arcs

Because of the basic structure of Sequential Story Arcs, they are the most commonly constructed forms, however there are some examples of Non-Sequential Story Arcs in existence within the Parody Universe.

Story Arc vs. Theme

Do not confuse Story Arcs with "Themes". A series of Pros and Cons (ala KBZ) is not a story arc, it is a theme. It is possible to create story arcs based on a theme however they are not always inclusive.

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