SOPA (Acronym for Stop Online Piracy Act), also known as H. R. 3261, is a bill currently in the United States House of Representatives that, if passed, would allow the U.S. Department of Justice and copyright holders to seek court orders against websites accused of copyright infringement and prevent advertisers and payment facilitators such as PayPal from doing business with them.

The problem is that it would also harm the internet's freedom of speech, and possibly also hurt gaming websites and freeware sites that could be wrongly accused of piracy. It is also implied that the bill was proposed on behalf of lobbyists working for mainstream media conglomerates such as Viacom and several other companies, of which are criticised for corporate greed.

Some have speculated that the bill would turn the U.S. into an isolationist country; something like North Korea.

SOPA and PIPA aren't the only bills that have caused uproar among people. Prior it was Bill S.978, then after SOPA many other bills (not just American ones) have been proposed: ACTA, IPAA, Internet Blacklist Bill, etc.

Effect on Downfall Parodies

If SOPA is passed, YouTube would most likely be hit hard. Since Downfall parodies could be considered a form of piracy by people with no sense of humor and who won't do anything unless they make money in the end off of it (as was found out when Constantin started blocking them), it is very likely the bill could mean the end of Downfall parodies.

Because of this many Untergangers have made parodies which deals with Hitler ranting about both SOPA and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) as an act of protest. Some Untergangers opted to use other characters instead, such as Subtitlecomedy's use of Samantha Parkington or HitchcockJohn's usage of Juan Miranda. HitchcockJohn also took a slightly different approach with his video If SOPA is Passed..., in which he attempted to show how the Parody Universe would be affected by the passing of the bill, depicting a nighmarish apocalypse in which the various parody crews die one by one as their videos are blocked, leaving only the U-Boat Parodies crew trapped aboard U-96.


“SOPA is not a bill that affects the US alone. It affects the entire world. It puts the USA as the guardian of the entire Internet since most of the websites in the world are registered in the US. A recent case where a US registered Spanish website was removed is proof of the fact. Once the bill is passed, events like these will be the order of the day. The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee slowly moved toward approval of the controversial copyright enforcement bill Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), although the panel was able to debate only about half of the planned amendments to the bill Thursday. It still has a way to go before it become law.”
―Hitler Rants Parodies
“It's often said that the Judiciary always lagged one generation behind in their ideas and perception, I don't imagined the Legislative too. If lobby groups influences the senate members does that mean it's Oligarchicalism? Ending with the greatly ironic "Over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."
“It is not a law at this time. If it does pass, President Obama could veto it. Actually, I hope he vetoes it then takes a giant shit on it and mails it to the bill's sponsors in congress. i still think that even under SOPA, which is not a law and hopefully will not become one, the copyright holder would have to file a claim of infringement. Seeing how Constantin films makes ad revenue from parodies and the parodies are basically advertising the film, it seems unlikely that they would file such a claim.”
“The SOPA law gives the US corporations absolute power over the internet. They need to dominate the cyberspace in order to fulfill their thirst for power. If passed, our right to freedom of speech will be annihilated. The Internet is yours too, comrade.”
―GrumpyHman (aka. MrIhatehomework76)
“All of the other parodies, Mallory and Juan... Hitler, Stalin, even those American girls, all of them dead because of SOPA.”
在法案生效後,互聯網世界可能出現關閉潮,許多公司、網民所使用的網站、互聯網服務都有可能一夜消失,令網絡發展、網絡文化的交流及如雲端服務等互聯網服務停滯不前,甚至有可能出現倒退,最嚴重的後果是部份服務將會回退到未有電腦或電子化的年代。(When SOPA come into force, the Internet will be successively shut down. Sites and services used by companies and netizens may suddenly disappear, causing the stagnation or even retrogression of network development, communication of internet culture, and internet services such as cloud services. And the most serious is that some services will fall back into the era of no computers or electronics.)”


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