Steven1991, also known as Steven1991Productions or SDWDownfallParodies, is a movie/parody maker from Belgium. As his nickname suggests, he's born in July 1991. He started making Downfall parodies in 2011 and already has made a few so far. Before that, he already made many parodies of other movies like Home Alone, RoboCop, Rambo and Indiana Jones etc.

Steven1991 originally had his own YouTube account, but deleted it because of technical issues.

He made a new one December 11, 2011, under the name SDWDownfallParodies.

He later closed this account as well in 2012. His current status is unknown.

Often used quotes in parodies

Hitler: DAMN IT JODL! (actually used by Hitler Rants Parodies and various others)

Hitler: Ah, shut up! (substitute for Ach Unsinn)

Hitler: This unacceptable! Unacceptable! (after hanging up the phone)

Krebs: I suggest... (Planning scene, when Krebs speaks for the first time)


Some photo's that he made.


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