Stehr attempts to make a fail joke.



Known for

Killing himself along with Hewel


The guy that shoots himself because he's out of toilet paper

Played by

Fabian Busch

Stehr was an Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) that fought in the Battle of Berlin.

Role in Downfall

Stehr fought on the front for several days. For his efforts, he received many decorations.

Shortly after Hitler married Eva Braun, Stehr came in the Bunker, to give his report to the Führer. Krebs tells him that he can't right now and asks him to sit with them. Hewel introduces him to Eva Hitler, and Stehr raises. Eva congratulates him for all his decorations. Stehr joins them, and sits near Traudl.

After Mohnke's group joined another group outside of Berlin, Stehr asked Schenck if he could join them, since his comrades were going to surrender to the Soviets. When Schenck asks him why he wants to still fight, he says he took an oath. When Günsche brings word that the Soviets are in the square, Stehr says that they should empty their guns on them and keep the last bullet for themselves. Schenck tells him that it's madness, but Stehr argues that they can't outlive the Führer. Many agree with him.

Shortly afterwards, Schenck talks with him, asking him if he has somebody waiting for him. Stehr shows him a picture of his girlfriend. Schenck asks him what will his family feel if he dies, but he says that they'll be proud of him. He takes his photos back and tells Schenck to say hello to his bride if he survives the captivity. He then lies on the bed, holding his gun on the chest.

When an officer announced that they've all surrendered to the Soviets, Stehr shoots himself with his the gun, along with Hewel.

He was portrayed by Fabian Busch.

In Downfall Parodies

Stehr appeared in a few parodies. His best-known appearance is in Toilet paper (Downfall parody) where, after hearing that there's no more toilet paper left, he kills himself along with Hewel.

Stehr also appeared in KakashiBallZ's April fool day special, where he is KBZ's biggest fan. He also kills himself (along with Hewel) after he finds out that KBZ is retiring.


  • Just like TellermannWilhelm, Dorothee and Peter Kranz, Stehr is a fictional character in the Downfall movie.
  • The scene where Schenck talks to Stehr is present only in the extended edition.
  • His name is revealed in the film's credits.
  • Stehr is probably based on Mohnke's adjutant, Gerd Stehr (21.08.1920 - 2.05.1945), who was an SS-Obersturmführer and killed himself rather than surrender to the Russians. It's unlikely that it's the same Stehr, mainly due to different rank and because Mohnke's adjutant is another person in the movie, whereas Stehr meets Mohnke for the first time in the ruins and requests Mohnke's permission to join him.
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