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The Stalincopter in mid flight, prior to the hijacking and crash.

The Stalincopter is a helicopter that appears in one of the Stalin Parodies of Unterganger and Stalin parodies maker Benad361.

In Parody Universe

It appears in "Tukhachevsky's Aeronautical Antic". In said parody, Stalin's antic master Mikhail Tukhachevsky hijacks the Stalincopter when Stalin, Yezhov and Semyon Budyonny are about to take a trip to Leningrad on it.

He performs many reckless manuvers with the aircraft, much to the fury and horror of the passengers (Budyonny is actually sick all over Stalin's tunic) before crashing the Stalincopter. If this is accidental or unintentional is not known.

Afterwards, a furious Stalin rants to Tukhachevsky that he must pay to have it repaired along with his tunic which needs cleaning. He calls Tukhachevsky an "imperialist" for his antic and says that those are not the actions of a "good Bolshevik".

This is significant as it is the first time that Tukhachevsky has used his antics against Stalin.


This parody alone was the inspiration for the Wunderwaffe series by notoriousrob01, which proved to be more popular than the Stalincopter, and the latter can be retconned as being part of the Wunderwaffe-esque series.

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