Stalin finds out about the hitler parody videos

Stalin finds out about the hitler parody videos

Stalin wants to rant.

Stalin Parodies are parodies depicting Stalin, in a similar position to Hitler in the Downfall Parodies, surrounded by a bunch of subservient but normally imbecilic dumbasses, and even some ranting by Stalin himself (albeit much less and of inferior quality to Hitler's). The Stalin Parodies often tend to focus around the rants of other characters of Stalin's crew, or their actions, or sometimes highly-ambitious schemes by Stalin himself, such as the incident where he tried to "buy" Fegelein from Hitler. The most significant promoter of Stalin Parodies (and indeed, the creator of the theme of "Stalin Rants Parodies") is British Unterganger Benad361, who has created, as with the Downfall Parodies, individual characteristics and humorous qualities for each character. However, others have created Stalin Parodies too.

Footage Used

The footage or film depictions used to make the parodies vary, footage from the 1992 film Stalin has been used previously, however, Unterganger Benad361 has begun a new slowly-emerging and much more popular trend by to use footage from the film Tukhachevsky: Conspiracy Marshall which contains some ranting and effective depictions of Stalin's inner circle.

Benad361's Stalin Parodies

Mikhail Tukhachevsky

Tukhachevsky coldly adresses Stalin...

Benad361 discovered the unsubtitled Russian film "Tukhachevsky, Conspiracy Marshal" (2010) on YouTube, and to his delight found it contained footage of Stalin and his inner circle, with even some ranting. He immediately began to download it, and subsequently created humorous qualities and personalities among Stalin's depicted inner circle, as has happened in the parodies stemming from Downfall. He has even depicted some characters as Stalin's "answers" to Hitler's (e.g. Nikolai Yezhov as Stalin's much shorter answer to Otto Günsche). He even has a weapon, similar to Hitler's "Pencil of Doom" and "Fegelein's Fist of Mass Destruction": "Tukhachevsky's Fork of Pwnage" introduced in it's debut parody of the same name, on Benad361's YouTube channel on February 2, 2011. The parodies struck a very positive chord with many Untergangers and fans, and some even made their own along the same lines (see the list below).

Others who have made Stalin Parodies

Stalin Parody Crew Counterparts

Characters with no counterpart (purely Stalin-Parody characters)

Comparisons to Other Parody Series

Hitler Parodies

Hitler Parodies Stalin Parodies
Involves some scheme of the leader.
Hitler plans with a full group, but his plans are usually objected. If they ever come through, they usually end up failing. Stalin plans with individuals, and they follow them through more successfully.
Few punishments, but is angry at his associates more often, thus more ranting. Lots of punishments (threats ranging from Comrade Yezhov's castration skills to execution), thus less ranting.
Multiple characters appear. Even if there are multiple characters, they don't appear as often.
Hitler has a main role in Der Untergang. Stalin is a supporting character in Tukhachevsky: Conspiracy Marshall.
The humour often comes from Hitler's constant failures, especially in trying to eliminate Fegelein. The humour often comes from Stalin and Tukhachevsky succeeding in their schemes and often finding a way to make Hitler's situation worse.
The Antic Master (Fegelein) is considered by his leader as an antagonist. Hitler and Fegelein almost never work together, other than when their lives depend on it. The Antic Master (Tukhachevsky) is given grudging respect by Stalin, and somewhat disliked, yet not hated. He is perfectly prepared to work with Tukhachevsky, as he is an invaluable asset to the Soviet Union, and Stalin's schemes themselves.
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