Stalin eating scene

Stalin giving a speech at the meal.

The Stalin Eating Scene is a scene from the Russian film Tukhachevsky, Conspiracy Marshall. It is a scene which shows Stalin and his Marshals eating at a large table.

In Tukhachevsky, Conspiracy Marshall

Joseph Stalin is called up to speak and delivers a short yet successful speech (with widespread applause from across the long table). He toasts with the other Marshals and then breaks bread and passes it round, notably ignoring some of the Marshals (Tukhachevsky, Gamarnik and others) in doing so, illustrating his clear displeasure with them (while other Marshals such as Budyonny are passed the bread in a show of favour).

In the parodies

It has appeared twice in Stalin Parodies so far, both made by Benad361 (the Stalin Parodies founder). The first appearence was in Gunsche finds out the Bunker is infested with Russians (inspired by Vzorkic's Gunsche is lost) when he gives a speech praising the success of his own parodies, and then recently in the parody Benad361's Birthday: The Reactions in which he gives a speech praising Benad361, and a toast. In both uses, the scene has been shortened with the bread scene cut off the end.


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