Staedty86 was a German Unterganger. He is best known for his Fegelbear, Baby Dolfy, Hitler travels by Plane, and the Hitler's Trip to Japan series. He is also known to have made clever use of the original translations for humorous effect. Many Untergangers said he was the first German to be an Unterganger, although fellow German Unterganger BigUndertaker has been on YouTube since 2006 (it should be noted, however, that he only began to make parodies around the same time as Staedty).

He first joined YouTube on 20 February 2011, and since then he has earned over 4700 subscribers. He had received three Unterganger of the Month titles, while his parodies received various awards, including the Parody of the Month and the Unterganger Awards. He was voted for, and later inducted into, the Unterganger Hall of Fame for November 2012.

Staedty made extensive use of flashbacks in his parodies, often using the Günsche informs Hitler as a base. The majority of his parodies are thus technically still a "Günsche informs Hitler" parody.

History and influence

As a native German speaker, he was a bit confused with the conflicting subtitles when he first watched a Downfall parody. Eventually, however, he started to make parodies of his own, the first one being Hitler and the mysterious button.


Staedty's styles are modified traditional and FX parodies. The majority of his parodies involve headpasting, mostly on prank videos involving Fegelein (and/or Hirohito in the case of the Hitler Goes to Japan series) as the prankster(s), and Hitler as the victim.

Contributions and Influences to other Untergangers

Staedty has released 3 packs, and images of Hitler's office. On 2 March 2015, he released a pack of all of his previous packs combined. The links to them are down below.


Staedty86 has been named Unterganger of the Month for July 2011, September and October 2012. He was later inducted into the Unterganger Hall of Fame on November 2012. In the annual Downfall Parody Awards for 2011 (held in 2012) he was named Best Newcomer/Rookie of the Year.

His parodies have won numerous awards. Listed below, they are:

Parody Award Category Month
Hitler Plays The Scary Maze Game Downfall Parody Awards 2012 Downfall Classic Award 2011
Hitler Gets Abducted By Fegel-Aliens Parody of The Month January 2012
Hitler goes criminal Downfall Parody Awards Best Special Effects Parody February 2012

Hitler's second trip to Japan
What-if cases with Adolf Hitler #1

Downfall Parody Awards Parody of The Month April 2012

Hitler's third trip to Japan
Fegelein pranks Hitler again

Downfall Parody Awards Parody of The Month June 2012
Hitler travels by plane Unterganger Award Most Innovative October 2012
Mrs. Goebbels' Ghost Scares Burgdorf Unterganger Award Most Innovative November 2012
Hitler and the driving lessons Parody of The Month June 2013


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