Speer and Traudl talk is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Albert Speer talks to Traudl Junge about what's going to happen in the coming days as the war winds down. Traudl doesn't like the fact that Hitler will be left behind alone, after which Speer informs her that Hitler doesn't need anybody by his side for what he is about to do (commit suicide). Traudl then thinks of the Goebbels children who are also staying in the bunker and gets shocked as she realizes what will happen to them. Their fate is not directly expressed in the scene, but it's implied they will be killed to avoid capture by the Soviets. Traudl ends up saddened by the reality of the situation saying she believed there was somehow a way out.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is rarely used in parodies, but Untergangers such as JennieParker87 have used it in her Unterganger Prison series.


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