Führer of the Fourth Reich, Otto Günsche!

Iron sky fleet

Nazis... from the moon...

Space Nazis are recurring villains who frequently try to invade earth. Most of the time, they first have to kill Hitler to stop the earth Nazis from resisting. Their allegiance seems to be shifting depending on the creator of the video. Sometimes they are a completely different faction, but on at least one occasion, they formed the space division of Fegelein’s army, where they were led by Günsche.

Amongst the weaponry of the Space Nazis are giant space zeppelins and smaller flying saucers.

The Space Nazis are the main enemy featured in Hitler Rants Parodies' ongoing Finality Trilogy, which consists of The War of The Hitlers, The Enemy Within and The Final Conflict. Here, they are seen executing a long term plan to weaken Hitler's Reich to prepare for their inevitable invasion.


  • These characters come from the sci-fi comedy Iron Sky, where it was revealed a large amount of Nazis hid on the moon, biding their time and constructing a space fleet for another attempt to take over earth.
  • Götz Otto, known for portraying Otto Günsche, also played the role of Klaus Adler, the main villain of Iron Sky, which means parody makers can easily portray Klaus Adler as Günsche. This is why Günsche is almost always portrayed as a Space Nazi mole in Hitler's bunker whenever they are involved in a parody.
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