Coat of arms of the Soviet Union

The coat of arms of the Soviet Union was also the coat of arms of the Soviet forces.

“There is only one way to prevent the restoration of the police, and that is to create a people's militia and to fuse it with the army.”
―Vladimir Lenin
“We have no army. The demoralized soldiers are flying panic-stricken as soon as they see a German helmet appear on the horizon, abandoning their artillery, convoys and all war material to the triumphantly advancing enemy. The Red Guards units are brushed aside like flies. We have no power to stay the enemy; only an immediate signing of the peace treaty will save us from destruction.”
―Nikolai Krylenko
For Mother Russia!
―Typical words a Soviet soldier would say in a WW2 video game

The Soviet Armed Forces, also known as the Red Army, is the national army of the Soviet Union. At first, they were known as the Red Guards, the revolutionary communist forces during the Russian Civil War. They were credited for defeating 80% of German forces; the Wehrmacht, and of course, the Waffen-SS.

After the war, they were renamed into the "Soviet Armed Forces". They engaged the U.S. military in some of the Cold War's proxy wars, such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, the only Soviet soldiers participating were 3000 soldiers under the guise of being advisors. Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the 1991 coup d'etat it ceased to exist as the Soviet Union dissolves.

In Downfall Parodies

Almost all characters in the Stalin Parodies were generals in the Red Army. Chuikov and his 2 adjutants (not including Georgy Zhukov or Matvey Blanter) were the only important Red Army characters in Downfall Parodies. Throughout Downfall they're commonly referred to as "the Russians", although they were made up of diverse ethnicities.


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