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“This is a video gaming channel!”
―soniccis96_metrostar's channel description
“May the Sonic be with you!”
“Why the heck Downfall Sonic is not ongoing?!”

soniccis96 (known-as soniccis96_metrostar, or Соник Ёжик (Sonic Ezhik)) has been a YouTube enity user since 2009. Originally it was only one bulgarian blogger, but after 2016 it is a company containing more than 10 bloggers working together on one channel. Initially, they uploaded video game longplays. The blog is also doing Downfall Parodies based on Sonic The Hedgehog OVA but with Downfall Audio track.

Channel staff


  • Yuriy Petrenko (soniccis96) - channel founder, originally born in Bulgaria, Burgas
  • TidalWave - channel so-founder.
  • WheelmanTanner - channel administrator.
  • fusion77 - channel administrator.
  • IrsenTanaka - channel administrator, Discord gatekeeper.
  • BulgariaRecreation - channel moderator


  • ZetaR02 - channel administrator, now retired.
  • NeoEclipse - channel so-founder, now retired.
  • Patafoin - channel so-founder, now retired.

Parody style

His first parody, Hitler plays Speed Racer in the Challenge of the Racer X, was a traditional/gaming parody. Technically it was uploaded in June, 17 2009 after creating channel but it was deleted by ConstantinFilm in 2012. Now the only parody in progress is Down Fall Sonic saga, an audio-based/actor/story-focused parody and the only parody on the channel at this time.

Notable parodies

Date Parody Significance
June, 2009 Hitler plays Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer X First parody done by Soniccis96_metrostar. Now deleted due the strike by ConstantinFilm. [1]
November, 2017 Shut up FEGELEIN! A little parody based on Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, but involving Downfall audiotrack. It was just a warm-up before Downfall Sonic Special. Also there are two 3D versions.
December, 2017 Der Sternjuwel Zugläufer - General Rhino can't find Fegelein Non-Downfall parody based on Star Jewel OVA without subtitles
May, 2018 Downfall Sonic Non-Downfall parody based on Sonic the Hedgehog OVA involving Downfall plot and characters

Current creations

The blog is currently doing Down Fall Sonic Saga series.


“May the Hitler be with You”
Soniccis96_metrostar on comment to ZetaR02 same as NeoEclipse's comment
“ I am tired to censor the extraordinary moments by playing the Japanese versions (of the games) or work with Sony Vegas!”
“Any questions about that (recent parody) MUST be addressed directly to MetroVG.”


  • Originally it is a videogaming-focused blog.
  • Despite being a Bulgarian the blog team also writes in English, Russian, Croatian and Serbian languages.
  • The Creator of the blog, Yuriy Petrenko, likes to record and upload walkthroughs of erotic and pornographic videogames (with some censorship) on YouTube, e.g. Action in Moscow.
  • One of the channel crew has a wiki account.
  • The channel team writes their messages to Unterganger Central only through Discord Gatekeeper, IrsenTanaka.


  1. Official data given from the channel owner

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