SnipSnapParodies was an American Unterganger who started uploading parodies to YouTube in November 2013.

His parody Günsche is at soup won the Parody of the Month award in September 2015. The same parody also won "Best FX Parody" and "Best Audio-Based Parody" in the Unterganger Awards, also in September 2015.

He deleted his YouTube channel on October 4, 2016, because of his discontent with his existing videos and other content, as well as his unease with the Downfall community.

He made another channel, unoriginalSNiP, right after deleting his previous one, with no known focus as of this moment. He reuploaded the aforementioned Günsche is at soup parody and part 1 of his unfinished series, Hitler's Boundaries to this new channel, but does not plan to return to the community or to parody making.

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