Sixth generation untergangers august 2019 v2

Avatars from Untergangers - 26/08/2019

6th-generation Untergangers (January 2018 - Present) are the newest and current generation of Untergangers to greatly contribute to the Downfall parody meme. They succeeded the 5th generation in January 2018.

Transition From The Fifth-Gen

The transition started in January 2018 after Hitler Rants Parodies grew tired with the community after several incidents the previous year that include: The Triggered Trio, Untergangers saying nasty things about him on JennieParker87's chat and a member who hacked and doxxed him (who acted on his own, without anyone's support and away from her chat), anti-HRP groups, a discord server of former members lead by a former moderator called Pairo and community members talking badly about him and his friends behind his back. These caused him to retire from the community aspect of the meme and focus more on his chat, causing The Jononator and Delphox to create a new generation. HRP shortly thereafter revoked Jen's Hall of Fame and disqualified Ninetales (who was winning it at the time) as well as any member from Jen's chat from it and the Lifetime Achievement Award. It can be read about in more detail here. In May 2018, several Untergangers became dormant, retired or suicided.

Reasons For A New Generation

  1. Hitler Rants Parodies retirement from the community due to drama and other reasons.
  2. Several prominent 4th gen's, other Untergangers and even some 5th gen's either retired, became dormant or are considering retirement recently. This includes Shadow Briton, QuestionTuesdayFTW, JennieParker87, Ninetales95NLMitchell Hang and BewegungsunFISH (retired), Krebsylovesfish and Mathilde's Parodies (dormant) and Venkyra21 (considering retiring).
  3. Lack of new Untergangers replacing the ones who are dormant or retired.
  4. The community now mainly consists of the Unterganger Chat Central and The UnterCast discord servers.
  5. The most prominent community members are now mostly fans rather than Untergangers.


The Jononator was talking about creating a new generation in November 2017 after he had noticed that the community had changed a lot in his 10 months in the community. Delphox talked him out of it due nothing prominent happening to cause a 6th generation to be created. This however changed in January 2018 after the aforementioned incidents caused HRP to leave the community aspect of Unterganging and both Jono and Delphox to make the new generation. They also discussed the possibility of a 7th generation when HRP fully retires from unterganging.

List of Prominent Sixth-Generation Untergangers

Dormant or retired
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